Wednesday, January 17, 2007

MADMAN!!!! And other stuff.

More solicitations for April, this time from Image Comics:

Madman Atomic Comics #1 - HELL YEAH! If this was the only comic that came out at all this month, I would be happy. I've been really fucking excited ever since I heard about this, so I'm all over it. Mike Allred rules!

The Nightly News #6 (of 6) - And this awesome miniseries comes to a close. It's been great so far; I hope it doesn't take a fall or anything.

Pirates of Coney Island #7 (of 8) - This series comes close to finishing. It's been enjoyable so far, and I hope it continues to get better. In an interesting note, I'm not sure which artist belongs to which cover here. I think the first one is Becky Cloonan. Go Becky!

Alien Pig Farm #1 (of 4) - I'm not sure about this one. I like the cover, and aliens vs. dinosaurs is always a good concept, but it sounds like lots lame redneck "humor". That stuff got annoying 15 years ago with Jeff Foxworthy. We'll see.

Texas Strangers #2 - Unless the first issue is just terrible, I'll be buying this one. It looks like fun. Don't let me down, Antony!

Sam Noir: Samurai Detective Special Edition - This is the collection of the first miniseries that I've been waiting for. I'll finally be able to read this. I hope it's good; it looks like lots of fun.

Sam Noir: Ronin Holiday #3 (of 3) - I'll probably pick up this miniseries if I like the collected version of the first mini. Like I said, I hope it's good.

Rocketo: Journey to the Hidden Sea volume 2 - I loved the first collection of this series, so I'm stoked to read volume 2. The art is an amazing impressionistic version of the "animated" style of cartooning. Like Darwyn Cooke crossed with Monet. Check out that cover! And the story is fun too. Apparently Journey to the Hidden Sea is part one of a huge epic, with part two, Journey to the New World, soon to come. Awesome.

Bastard Samurai volume 1 TPB - Is this any good? I like Mike Oeming, so this could be a good series, but I haven't really heard anything about it. If anybody has read it, please let me know if it is worth reading.

Ferro City volume 1 TPB - And the same goes for this. It looks kind of cool, but I haven't heard anything about it. Is it worth getting? Anyone? (Note: I avoided the gratuitous Ferris Bueller reference here. Someone give me props.)

Fell volume 1 TPB - I love this series. I read the "monthly" issues, so I won't be getting the collection, but I will heartily recommend it to anybody that is interested. The solicitation says this collects issues 1-8, but I don't think #7 or #8 have come out yet. Are they coming out in the next couple months? They better.

Godland Volume 3: Proto-plastic Party TPB - And here's another series that I read monthly, but highly recommend to anyone who is interested. It'll take you up through issue 18. Yee-hah! (sorry, I just felt like expressing some enthusiasm.)

Wow, more stuff than I'm usually interested in from Image. Cool, I won't complain about good comics!

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