Sunday, January 28, 2007


I don't feel like reviewing new comics this week, so I'm just posting some cool images from comics that came out:

From Dwight T. Albatross's The Goon Noir #3 (of 3). It took me a second to figure out what these characters were (I'm slow, okay?), but then my reaction was, "Oh, gross! Humorously gross, but gross nonetheless." I'm very articulate in my visceral reactions. Writer Brian Posehn and artist Tony Moore are disturbingly ruthless in their treatment of these poor fellas; in their brief appearance, they get punched, stepped on, kicked, impaled, and flattened by a car. Ouch.

From The Eternals #6 (of 7). That's just freaky.

Hey, Dr. Strange! What's a good philosophy to live by?

Thanks! (From Dr. Strange: The Oath #4 (of 5))

Man, I don't know what it is with Crossing Midnight. It seems like a book I should like, with stuff like this (From issue #3) happening:

But for some reason I'm not feeling it. I might or might not buy the next issue.

From Mouse Guard #6 (of 6). Man, this was the highlight of the week for me. Badass fighting mice. What else can you ask for? I can't wait for the second Mouse Guard miniseries!

So there's my comments for this week. Stay tuned for more content!