Friday, December 14, 2007

Miscellaneous nonsense

I'm a lazy blogger. I was going to do something last night, but I decided to sleep instead. Maybe I'll get to it tonight, but for right now I'm just going to write about or link to whatever crap I feel like. Feel free to enjoy my crap:

I wanted to note that Adam Warren has an Empowered short story (in color!) up at MySpace Dark Horse Presents. It's a cute, fun little bit that manages to work in the usual bondage and neologisms. Enjoy!

While I'm linking to corporate webcomics, I should point out friend-of-the-blog Manny Trembley's Frankie over at I'll be surprised if it "wins", since it's so short and slightly hard to follow, but it sure looks nice, so I'll be pulling for it.

I wanted to mention, I saw the Tekkon Kinkreet anime the other day, and while it wasn't bad, I thought it wasn't nearly as good as the manga. In fact, if I hadn't read the book already, I might have hated it, or at least found it much harder to follow. It's weird; the events of the movie seem really rushed to try to squeeze the contents of the story into two hours, so you lose a lot of the characterization. But then there's the "psychic battle" climax, which seemed really drawn out and kind of tiresome. Huh. I guess it wasn't a bad movie, but just pales in comparison to the manga. In any case, it was beautiful to look at, especially the backgrounds. They really brought Matsumoto's cityscape to life, and then went even farther by adding tons of color and motion. Really cool. Not as cool: the graphics during the aforementioned psychic battle. Kind of boring, and not nearly as nice as what Matsumoto did with the Minotaur. So, kind of a wash; I wouldn't really recommend it unless you've read the book and want to see it in motion, and then you might just want to stop there anyway.

On a completely unrelated (to anything I usually talk about) note, I wanted to point out Kyle Ryan's list of The Worst Band Names of 2007 over at The Onion AV Club. He did a similar list last year, and just reading through them always makes me crack up (my favorites from that list were Sh-sh-sh-shark Attack!; Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin; and You Say Party! We Say Die!). So here are my favorites from this year's list:

The Asbestos Tampons
Yo Moma's Big Fat Booty Band
Dyslexic Speedreaders
Those Fucking Unicorns
Dance Me Pregnant
Ima Fucking Gymnist
Les Breastfeeders
Happy Mothers Day, I Can't Read
Mostly Other People Do The Killing
We All Have Hooks For Hands
Curse This Metal Body
As Your Attorney
Coach Said Not To
AKA Wizard Beard
Boneless Children Foundation

Some of those are stupid-funny, and some are just stupid. But they still make me laugh.

Eh, I haven't done any sort of link-post in a while, but this seems like a prime place for it, so if I find other stuff to point out, this will be the place. Otherwise, real posts will resume later. Maybe.


  1. Read the feature. I can understand not getting the reference to Grave of the Fireflies, but Human Being Lawnmower is an MC5 song. Aren't music critics supposed to know this shit?

  2. Thanks man!
    I appreciate the pimp.
    I know i won't win. Some people seem to really like it and others, not so much.

    It's all good.


  3. Manny: so what happens if you don't win? Will the rest of the story ever get "published"? Or does DC own the rights and thus it will never see the light of day? Just wondering.

    Oh, and while I'm bugging you, what ever happened to Sara Punkinhead? I've been waiting for that one to come out. I dug the hell out of PX!, so I'm waiting for more of that one too. And more Sam Noir wouldn't hurt either. I guess I want to read more of your stuff, is what I'm saying.

    Dick: I dunno, man; I'm clueless about music stuff. I just thought it was funny. I like the AV Club a lot, but I usually don't read any of their music coverage because music criticism makes my head hurt.

  4. If you lose (which likely, considering my place in the contest at this point), you keep all rights to the content. DC retains the right to use the 8 pages that are online. They can use them however they want. SO, I could theoretically take the concept anywhere else. Which i might do.
    Sara is in production (slow production). Because this book is for my sister as a gift, I wanted to do it up right and not hurry. So, i don't have an ETA for it to hit. Wish I did.
    PX! and Sam are also on hold. We're trying to get the 3rd Sam arc done.
    Here's the real skinny.
    Comics pay crap. Publishing through Image has the ability to pay big cash, "IF" you can move units. If you can't move units, you make a small little bit and you end up working for like $5 a page kinda thing. (Not an actual page amount)
    My day job pays me and pays pretty well (I'm a concept artist/game designer for a video game company).
    So, all my extra hobby stuff gets put on the back burner when real paying work calls. I wish comics paid well enough to pour myself into producing books. Maybe some day it can. But for now, it remains a hobby. Sadly.

  5. Manny: Yeah, I definitely understand the need to make money, so I don't begrudge you doing actual paying work. I would be a jerk if I did! ;-) I just really like your comics, so I want to read more of them. Maybe that's the true goal of pimping them here: if enough people like them and buy them, you can make money, and thus do more! That's my insidious plan. So yeah, keep up the good work. I'll wait patiently.

  6. Those band names are terrible...except for As Your Attorney, which I kind of like.