Monday, December 17, 2007

The week, it is slow

Hey, what happened to the stuff I was going to write over the weekend? I'm such a tease. Maybe I'll do some tonight. Anyway, it's time for my weekly look at what's coming out this week, but first I'll point to my review of Bat Lash #1 in Silver Bullet Comics' Sunday Slugfest. Also, I wanted to point out Newsarama's preview of the upcoming graphic novel Hazed, by Mark Sable and Robbi Rodriguez. I was only mildly interested in the book, but this preview makes me think it might be a good satire, and I like Rodriguez's art a lot (he also illustrates Maintenance). So check that out. And on to:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 12/19/07):

Black Summer Alpha

If you want to get caught up on the Warren Ellis superhero political violence-fest, here's your chance. Me, I'm enjoying it for the most part, but I would like a return to some sort of political commentary.

Glister #3

Andi Watson! Goofy, magical stories! Cuteness! This series is fun.

Marvel Holiday Special

I don't normally get these things, but I'm getting this just because of Shaenon Garrity and Andrew Farago's contribution. Plus, it's got a really nice Frazier Irving cover. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Programme #6

Political superhero violence of a different kind here. The series has been moving along, and we'll see if we get any big developments. That would be nice. But I'll probably enjoy it anyway, even if it's another talk-fest.

Robotika For A Few Rubles More #1 (Of 4)

I never read the first Robotika series, but it looked really nice. I should try to check it out. But here's the sequel, which I might just read anyway. By the way, this is not related to any of Bender's made-up robot holidays. That would be Robannukah. Or Robamadan. I've got Futurama on the mind after watching Bender's Big Score last night. Anyway, here's a preview of the comic. Enjoy.

Some New Kind Of Slaughter #1

Also from Archaia, this is a new comic that tells the stories of various flood myths from around the world. Sounds interesting, but I don't expect to read it, since I disliked The Lone and Level Sands, the previous book by this creative team, A. David Lewis and Marvin Perry Mann. But it could be better than that one, so I'll keep it in mind. Here's another preview.

Special Forces #2

Yee-ah! I always dig Kyle Baker, and the first issue of this series did not disappoint. I'm all over this one.

Thicker Than Blood #1

This one is something about werewolves, with art by Mike Ploog and Simon Bisley, written by Simon Reed. Could be good. Certainly looks nice, at least; here's some art.

Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #4

Also good: this series! And judging by the letter column in the last issue, Gerard Way is bringing in the kiddies with his emo cred. Whodathunk My Chemical Romance would bring new readers to comics? That's awesome.

Neozoic #2

I haven't seen this on shelves, but I did get a review PDF of this issue. I need to read it and see if I like it. So, maybe I'll have a review or something sometime. Or maybe not; I try to remain unpredictable.

Sleepy Truth Vol 1 GN

"The Goonies meets The X-Files" is how Viper describes this graphic novel. It looks interesting, about some kids who do a newspaper about the paranormal occurrences in their small town. It's written by Jason M. Burns, who seems pretty prolific. I'm not sold on him yet, since I pretty much hated his second volume of The Expendable One, but depending on the art, this could be enjoyable. Here's another preview.

Action Philosophers vol. 3

I can always recommend more Action Philosophers though! Sheer awesomeness here! The earlier volumes might be a better place to start if you're new to the series, or you could always wait for the big book that collects the whole series. But this has some really good stuff, so please, check it out if you haven't already.

Escapists HC

I thought this miniseries expanding on Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay was decent, but not quite as great as many others seemed to think. It's worth reading, especially if you're a fan of the novel. Has there been a softcover collection of the series? This $19.95 hardcover might be a bit expensive, but I guess if you really like it, it's worth it.

Death Note Lethally Fun Facts TP

I saw this book at Borders the other day, and it cracked me up. It's like a fan book explaining every detail of the series, answering questions nobody asked, like "How can a young kid like Near command a government task force?" I guess if you're obsessive about Death Note you might want this, but I doubt there's anything in there that you couldn't figure out just from reading the manga.

Golgo 13 vol. 12

I really should read this series someday.

Dreaming Vol 3 GN

Also this OEL series, which I've heard is good.

Sgt Frog Vol 1-3 GN Box Set

This one I've read though. I gave up on this manga around volume 12, but the early stuff is gold. And this set only costs $12.99!

Drifting Classroom Vol 9 TP

Damn, I'm behind. I can't find volume 6 anywhere, or I might be closer to caught up. I'll have to get it from Amazon or something...

Naoki Urasawas Monster Vol 12 TP

I never have trouble finding this one, but I'm still way late. I have volume 4 sitting at home, so I'll get to that one soon. Along with the six other books next to it...

Uzumaki Vol 2 GN 2nd Edition

I should get this sometime too, but I don't expect it to be soon. Freaky horror! Check it out!

Shojo Beat Vol 4 #1 Jan 08

I'm ahead of the game on this one; I've already read and even reviewed it!

Okay, that's enough of this week's stuff. I was obviously running out of steam there at the end anyway. Tonight: reviews of something or other. Maybe. Also, March's solicitations come out this week, so I'll be talking about those at some point. So even though everyone else is quiet for the holidays, I'll be doing something or other. Take that, apathy!


  1. I have heard The Escapists was the best thing Brian K. Vaughan has ever written and I loved The Pride of Baghdad. Is it really worth getting the $20 Hardcover or should I wait for the $13 Softcover. I don't know if I can wait 6 months to a year only to save the $7.

  2. I might be in the minority, but I definitely don't think The Escapists is Vaughan's best work. It's not bad, but I prefer Ex Machina, Y: The Last Man, and Runaways. Pride of Baghdad was also quite good. Me, I would wait for the softcover, but if you expect to really like it, the hardcover will probably be worth it for you.

  3. Hey Matt "not Newsarama" Brady. This is Mark Sable, writer of HAZED. I'm glad the Newsarama piece made you think about picking up the book. Thanks for linking to it!

    I'm not sure I can be objective about my own writing, but I can tell you that the art is from the first chapter, and Robbi's work gets even better as the book goes along. In my admittedly biased opinion, I think it's some of the best work he's ever done, and worth picking up for the art alone.

  4. Hey, thanks, Mark! A creator stopping by here is usually a good way to make me pick up a book, so it looks like I'll probably be getting it. Uh oh, I probably shouldn't have let that slip...