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Solicitationary blatherings: DC/Marvel, March 2008

Damn, I've been sick as a friggin' dog the last couple days, so that's my excuse for not posting. So here I am with a look at comics coming out in a few months, but nothing else of consequence. Maybe I'll get back to something more interesting tomorrow. In the mean time, here's my nonsense about both DC and Marvel, since I don't feel like doing them separately:


Bat Lash #4 - Whoa, this looks like it gets violent, judging by the cover (by the way, I seem to be one of the few who aren't too keen on Walt Simonson's covers for the series, but whatever). I liked the first issue, so I'll probably end up getting the whole series. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Justice League: The New Frontier Special - I'm courting controversy here, but I've read New Frontier, and while it was all right, I didn't think it was the life-affirming masterpiece that many people seem to think it is. Sorry, everybody. There's some nice Darwyn Cooke art though. So I'll probably end up getting this.

JLA Presents: Aztek: The Ultimate Man TPB - More controversy: I've read this series too, and it was only okay, not all that great. Definitely nowhere near as good as Grant Morrison's JLA. But it's worth reading if you're interested in Morrison's lesser-known work from that time. Or if you wonder how well he collaborated with Mark Millar. But don't expect a lost masterpiece or anything.

Jack Kirby's O.M.A.C.: One Man Army Corps HC - Hell yeah, it's another collection of Jack Kirby stuff. I actually own the first few issues of this, and it's some crazy stuff. "Are you ready for the world that's coming?" I'm not too keen on this cover, but it's probably not the final one. If you ask me, they should go with some variation of the cover to the first issue. That one's awesome. Anyway, the book is $24.99, and I might get it, or I might just keep trying to find all the back issues. The thrill of the hunt!

Starman Omnibus volume 1 HC - This is one of those series I always hear is great, but I never read it. So I guess here's my chance, if I want to shell out fifty bucks a volume. I'll consider it; I do really like Tony Harris's art.


The Programme #9 - More of this book. I don't know what else to say, other than that I like it for the most part, and the cover seems to indicate some action, which is a good sign.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier Absolute Edition - I'm finishing up reading this book (the non-absolute version) right now, and it's great; expect a review of some sort soon. But here's the super-expensive version, which doesn't seem much different, except it contains a vinyl record of Alan Moore singing a song referred to in the book. And it's probably oversized or something. So if that's worth an extra $70 for you, go for it.


Absolute Sandman volume 3 - I've seen these volumes in stores, and they look pretty incredible. I'm too cheap to spend $400 on the whole series, but if I could afford it, I would pick these up in a second.

DMZ #29 - Looks like a new storyline starts here, and I'll try to continue to resist buying it until the trade comes out. I definitely miss my monthly dose of the series, so I hope the next trade shows up soon.

Fables #71 - As always, I have to point out James Jean's awesome cover art. Also, I wanted to note that my wife is currently reading all the volumes of the series that have come out so far, and she loves it. I'm always happy when I can get her reading comics.

Jack of Fables #21 - And another issue of Jack's adventures. I notice that Brian Bolland didn't do this cover; is he done with his stint as the cover artist? I hope not; his work has been awesome. Anyway, looks like this issue is about Wicked John and Gary the Pathetic Fallacy. Cool. I love this book.

Northlanders #4 - Looks like snow. I liked the first issue, so I'm on board for the time being. Don't let me down, Brian Wood!

Young Liars #1 - Courting controversy again: I'm not really a fan of David Lapham. I've read some Stray Bullets here and there, but he just doesn't really do anything for me. So I don't expect to get this, but it seems like a big deal for Vertigo. I suppose I could try it out if I hear that it's really good or something, but I'll probably be skipping it.

The Un-Men volume 1: Get Your Freak On TPB - I never did buy any issues of this series, but it does seem like it might be interesting. And Mike Hawthorne did stop by to tell me to try it. So I suppose I might try out the first collection and see what I think. Has anybody read it? Can you tell me if I should try it out? What's the verdict, people?

That's it for DC; I notice that there's no solicit for The Spirit, and I thought there was something else missing, but I can't remember what it was. Huh. Anyway, here's the other end of the big two:


The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home #1 - Here's the second miniseries in Marvel's Stephen King adaptation. I haven't decided if I want to bother getting it, but I'll consider it. Interestingly, it's only five issues this time around. I guess I'll decide when it comes out (but I'm leaning toward no).

Daredevil #106 - I don't plan to buy this, but I really like the cover. That Marko Djurdjevic draws really nice.

New Avengers #39 - I don't normally read this series, but this issue is illustrated by David Mack and has to do with the character Echo, so I'll consider picking it up. I really like Mack's art, and I bought the collection of the Daredevil arc he did about Echo a few years back, so I could see checking this out.

Logan #1 - I would normally have no interest whatsoever in yet another Wolverine comic, but the one-two punch of Brian K. Vaughan and Eduardo Risso is going to be impossible for me to pass up. I hope it doesn't suck. I'm interested in the colors, at least judging by the cover; it's a different sort of style than you usually see for Risso.

Omega the Unknown #6 - I'm waiting for the trade on this series, but man, this is a cool-looking cover. I can't wait to read it (even if the reception seems to be mixed so far). Also, the solicitation mentions a "special guest artist" on a comic-within-the-comic, but doesn't say who it is. Mystery!

Kick-Ass #2 - I still don't know what to make of this series, but this time around the solicitation says it's "the most screwed-up superhero comic of all time". I'm sure this will live up to that description. We all know how well Mark Millar works when he's trying to be offensive. That is, he gets people pissed off, and then there are movie adaptations. If this leads to a movie called Kick-Ass, I will be amused.

War is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle #1 - Hey, Garth Ennis is doing war comics for Marvel now. Cool. This is a five-issue miniseries, illustrated by Howard Chaykin. It's a MAX book, so he'll probably go crazy with the violence and whatnot. Should be good.

Punisher MAX #55 - Looks like the rumors are true; this is the first issue of Ennis's last storyline on the Punisher. Bummer. Not that I've been reading it, but I have been meaning to someday. At least it will be a finite run now.

Criminal 2 #2 - I don't know what's up with this picture, but it's the second issue of the Criminal relaunch, so I'm excited to read it. It's another standalone issue, this time about Tracy Lawless's father, I think. I'm stoked, man; stoked!

Powers #30 - I haven't been reading the monthly issues of this book, but this one starts a storyline called "The Redemption of Deena Pilgrim". That'll be a tough order, given what she's done, but I'm interested to see how Bendis works his way out of it. Of course, if I'm waiting for the trade, I could be waiting for a few more years before I read it. We'll see.

Newuniversal: Everything Went White TPB - So, is this series dead? I thought it was supposed to be ongoing, but it just kind of stopped after six issues. This trade collects those six issues, but who knows if Warren Ellis and Salvador Larroca will ever get back to it. I hope so; it was pretty interesting while it lasted. Anyway, if you want to play a fun game, see how many celebrities you can spot on the cover.

And that's everything that catches my notice from the big two. I'll get to other companies as soon as they come out. And really, I might have some actual comics criticism soon; I'm sick of being sick. Later!

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