Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Comics on the web

They should come up with a term for those...

Anyway, I want to point out an excellent webcomic I "discovered" (I actually read a review at The Ferret's Journal). It's called Minus, and it's about a little girl with magic(?) reality-altering powers. It's exquisitely-drawn, beautifully colored with watercolors, and formatted similar to old full-page newspaper strips. I love the way the artist brings out Minus's imagination, with her using her powers to bring everyday objects to life, create cool creatures, and send herself and her friends on wild adventures. I'm reading through the archives now, but I had to blog about it. Here are a few of my favorite strips so far:

Battling chalk drawings.

Interior decoration.



There's also some longer storylines, one of which deals with Minus and a friend shrinking down and becoming the leaders of an ant society. In fact, the first strip in this story gives us my current favorite comics panel:

Man, I change these quickly sometimes, don't I? Anyway, check out Minus; it's awesome.

UPDATE: More Minus strips that I like:

Extendable brick wall. This one starts a weird storyline that I don't really understand.

Suicide is painless.

Shades of FLCL.

If Sonny chiba was a boxer.

Scary magic.

Dinosaur rampage!

Aquarium people.

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