Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Links: Not the handheld Atari game system; that was the Lynx

Ha ha ha ha! You thought this post had disappeared, pushed down into the nether regions of the blog by newer content. But I found some more stuff worth linking to, so I brought it back! I defy the laws of time and space!

Original post on 2/12:

I had to point out a couple reviews by Vern, my favorite film critic (I've got a link to his site over on the blogroll). First he looks at Gymkata for Ain't-It-Cool News (please don't hold that against him). That one looks hilarious, and his review is really funny. Then, he reviews Elektra, which he mistakes as a biopic of Carmen Electra. Good reading!

I don't have any other links quite yet, but I might do like I did the other day and add some as I find them. So stay tuned!

Okay, here's some more:

DC has a new line of toys called Ame-Comi, which presents their characters with anime-style designs. Wacky.

Heidi MacDonald has an interview with Garth Ennis about The Boys (and other stuff) up over at The Beat.

Blog@Newsarama has a link to an MTV piece about comics movies that never got off the ground, which I'm not especially interested in, but I liked the goofy fan poster that somebody made for a Watchmen film. I spot Ralph Fiennes, Michael Douglas, and Mel Gibson on there, but it looks like Rorshach and Nite Owl II are just drawings. And I'm not sure about Dr. Manhattan or Silk Spectre.

Several people, including Tom Spurgeon and Blog@Newsarama, already linked to this, but I thought it was awesome: a gallery of all the cars drawn in Tintin.

UPDATE on 2/13:

Chris Butcher is doing 4.5 Days of Casanova (which seems to have stretched out to 7 days), in honor of the seventh issue that comes out this week. Good reviews! He also points out some interesting webcomics that I'll be looking at.

Jog calls for Marvel to publish the Spider-Man manga from the early 70's. I think that would be a great idea, and it would give Marvel something to rack in bookstores where kids might actually buy it. I have one issue of the late-90's reprint of this, which I found in a discount bin. I want to read more!


Mouse Guard toys!

Steve Bissette has a look at Rick Veitch's upcoming collection of stories from Epic Magazine, Shiny Beasts, with a discussion of their history together. Plus, he breaks the news about a zombie story he did that's being published this year.

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