Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh comics, won't you be my valentine?

Huh, Diamond's site seems to be down right now, so I'm going to to get the information for

New comics this week (Wednesday, 2/14/07):

Rex Libris #7, $2.95

Hey, this book doesn't come out very often. It's usually pretty fun; I'll have to try to do a review.

Batman #663, $2.99

Ah Grant Morrison finally returns. It's only been two months, but it seems like a long wait. I believe this issue is the return of the Joker, with art by John Van Fleet.

Neil Gaimans Neverwhere TPB (resolicited), $19.99

Hey, was this any good? I've read the novel, but I wasn't especially interested in the comic adaptation. Any opinions? Anybody?

Y The Last Man #54, $2.99

Ooh, more Y! Does this start the final storyline? I'll be sorry to see this end.

EC Archives Tales From The Crypt Vol 1 HC, $49.95

Wow, this looks pretty cool. Too expensive for me, but I would definitely like to check it out.

Casanova #7, $1.99

Probably the book of the week. Guaranteed to be fun. This ends the first "volume" of the series. I don't know if there will be a hiatus or anything, but I hope more stories come soon!

Godland #16, $0.60

This one's sure to be pretty awesome as well. And it's only 60 cents! Maybe it's supposed to be a jumping-on issue. Whatever the case, I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

Hellshock Definitive Ed Vol 1 TPB, $19.99

More Jae Lee, after last week's release of The Dark Tower. I've never read this, but I hear it's good. I'll take a look at it if I see it.

Astonishing X-Men #20, $2.99

Is this book monthly now? It seems like it's coming out more quickly than it was last fall. Whatever; I'm looking forward to it.

Franklin Richards Lab Brat Digest TPB, $7.99

I'm not sure what this collects; I assume it's the various Franklin specials to date. I have all those specials, so I don't need to get this, but I will recommend it. It's lots of fun, with good all-ages stories. And it's cheap!

Nextwave Agents Of Hate #12, $2.99

Oh man, it's the final issue! Well, this might give Casanova a run for it's money. I always love reading this, but I'll probably be a little sad when I'm done with it. Pour one on the curb for the late, lamented Nextwave.

Nextwave Agents Of Hate Vol 1 This Is What They Want TPB, $14.99

Oh, and if you don't know what the hell the big deal is or why I'm making a big deal about the book ending, get this! It's awesome, and it'll rock your face off!

Thunderbolts #111, $2.99

Well, I kind of enjoyed the previous issue of this, so I'll probably get this issue as well. Make me anticipate the next issue, Ellis!

Drifting Classroom Vol 4 TPB, $9.99

Dammit, I'm way behind on this series. I need to find volumes 2 and 3 soon so I can catch up.

Naoki Urasawas Monster Vol 7 TPB, $9.99

And this one, I haven't even got the first volume yet! Someday I'll start reading this series.

Vagabond Vol 24 TPB, $9.95

I have the first three volumes of this series; I don't expect to get caught up anytime in the near future.

Looks like that it for what I'm interested in this week. Looks like DC's new solicitations are up (I always look at them on CBR), so watch for my look at them (and Marvel's) soon. And Image, whever they get around to soliciting them. Later!

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