Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My acclaim reaches all the way to...another website

The Onion AV Club has posted the results of their 2006 film poll, and I'm quoted giving my praise of The Science of Sleep. Hell, yeah, I'm (not really) famous! My contribution aside, It's a pretty enjoyable read, with lots of opinions about movies this year. Three of my top five movies (readers were asked to submit their top five) made the top ten list (I take credit for Science of Sleep squeaking in at number 10, since I ranked it number one!), and two others from the top ten list I previously posted got recognition. It's a good list, and other than United 93 (which I didn't see), I've seen and liked all of them. I do think Borat is a bit overrated, though. So check out the article, and join in the discussion in the comments, if you like. And you can comment here, as always. Later, everybody!

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