Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I hope Cecil B. DeMille doesn't give this lady false hope

Psychonauts update:

Go here for part 1 of my look at the game.

I played through another "level" of the game, entering the mind of an aged actress. Her mind takes the form of a theater, with performers acting out scenes from her life. The performers are weird flower children (literally; they seem to be animated flowers) with acting skills at the level of an elementary-school play. The object is to get her "inner muse" to reappear; the muse has gone into seclusion since every time she comes out to perform, a phantom will strike, ruining the performances. Plus, there's a rude critic sitting in the wings, ridiculing the scenes. It's good adventure game stuff, with you switching out the sets and scenes (and the mood of the scenes) to find a way up into the catwalks to fight the phantom. You end up battling the critic, who hurls lethal words at you and mocks your fighting abilities. Lots of fun.

Next up: Napoleon! Or at least an inmate who has a second personality that thinks it is Napoleon.

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