Monday, April 16, 2007

ANSWERS REVEALED! Spot the Celebrity: Madman Edition!

UPDATE: See the bottom of the post for the answers!

Nobody responded the last time I tried this, but I'll try it again anyway. I was thinking about doing a theme week about Madman in celebration of the release of Madman Atomic Comics #1, but I never got the time to do it. I've been too busy. But here's one that didn't take me too long to put together; name the celebrity being caricatured in each of these images from various Madman comics:

1 (appearing as himself, as far as I can tell):

2 (these two work(ed) together, both in the comic and real life):

3 (kind of tough, but here are some hints: the character's name is Stewie Stompero, and his girlfriend/wife in the comic is named Avalon):

4 (this is actually an appearance by a character that the actor played):

It's kind of hard to tell, so here he is in context:

Bonus! from the pages of X-Statix (ignore the gills):

If you know the answer(s) to any of these, please leave a comment. The prize for winning is my undying respect. Oh, and you could leave a comment on the original post as well, since I was kind of bummed that nobody responded (I'm going for pity here).

That's all I have for today, unless inspiration strikes me later tonight. I might do more Madman-themed posts if I feel the urge. Stay tuned and find out!


Everything except #3 was answered by commenters, but here are the official answers:

1: Clint Eastwood
2: Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter
3: Robert Rodriguez (I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be him; he's friends with Mike Allred, his wife is named Elizabeth Avellan, and his initials are R.R. (which comes before S.S. for Stewie Stompero). Here's a picture for reference:

And another one for a similar angle as in the panel)
4: Steve Buscemi (as Mr. Pink!)
Bonus: Brian Posehn (not Greg, but close enough)

Thanks for the answers, everybody!


  1. I'm pretty sure the first one is Mark Waid, and the last one is that guy who used to be on Mr. Show who I keep seeing in VH1 metal documentaries. I think he might read comics too?

  2. Ah, Dick, you always crack me up. You did make me look up a picture of Mark Waid though (and check out Alex Ross in that pic; apparently he's quite the metal fan).

    And you're right about the last one, but I won't spoil his name if anyone else wants to guess.

  3. 1 Clint Eastwood

    4 Steve Buscemi

    I hope you will answer for the others...

  4. You are correct! I'll wait a couple more days to reveal answers if nobody else guesses. However, I will note that not only is #4 Steve Buscemi, it is his character Mr. Pink from Reservoir Dogs! In a scene from The Superman/Madman Hullaballoo, he actually gains a portion of Superman's powers. Fun!

  5. We got Eastwood, Conan and Andy, Greg Posehn, Buscemi, but NO IDEA about the Stewie Stompero cat!

  6. I knew all of those srom seeing them the first time, except for Robbie/Stewie. The only reason I knew him was because it says so in the back of the trade paperback containing that issue.

  7. Also, clint eastwood isn't playing himself, he's one of the three neophytes.