Saturday, May 11, 2013

One Piece Is Awesome, Example #43

While there's a lot to love about Eiichiro Oda's One Piece, it's still a kid's comic, which means that some of the humor that gets included is of the juvenile sort. Fart jokes and comments about female characters' breasts or panties occasionally make their way into the comic, but one thing I never expected to see appeared in volume 45, when Luffy tries to recruit the speedo-wearing cyborg Franky to his crew, and the method of convincing him to join involves copious male nudity:

A pantsless chase across the town of Water Seven ensues (as does some testicular trauma when he needs some more enticement), with his attempt to make a principled stand being a moment that made me laugh out loud:

The combination of the crashing waves and sun shining through his legs with the crowd's horrified-beyond-belief reaction hits me right in the funny bone. Oda might include the expected types of gags in his series, but he puts his own spin on them, turning them into the kind of thing you won't find anywhere else.

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