Monday, October 22, 2007

Hark! New comics approach!

I think I've used that one before. Crap. I've been kind of slacking on writing here, haven't I? My scanner isn't working right, or I probably would have done something or other. As for any reviews on other sites, I've been reposting some older reviews on IndiePulp, and I think I already linked to my review of Runaways #28 at SBC, but what the hell. I'll probably have more stuff up over there sometime soon, and I'm still waiting for MangaLife to post a couple pieces I sent them. And if I can get off my ass and write stuff, I'll have more up here too. So keep an eye out, I try to provide content. But let's look at what's coming this week:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 10/24/07):


This is a repackaging of the first two installments of this series, the #0 and #1 issues. Only $2.99, which isn't a bad deal. It's been a fairly good series so far, but nothing that has me trying to convince people to pick it up. Yet.


I could probably say the same thing about this other Warren Ellis series. Interesting sci-fi stuff, but nothing that has me praising it to the heavens. Yet.


I'm digging this one though. I love this book, and I always get excited when a new issue shows up. Keep it up, Fraction and Moon!


I dug the first issue of this book, so I'm on board for this series for the foreseeable future. Fun all-ages stuff; the book that probably finally has me on board the Andi Watson praise-wagon (what the hell does that mean?).


Another book from Red 5 Comics. I still haven't got my hands on Atomic Robo or Abyss, but I might get them soon. This one seems to be one of those sci-fi stories with people fighting dinosaurs and what not, which is always a fun premise. I would be willing to check it out if I saw it in a store. Here's the official page, where you can find previews and stuff.


I thought the first issue of this series was decent, and I've already read a review copy of this second issue, so I should have a review up sometime soon, I expect.


I don't think I've actually read anything by Jhonen Vasquez (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac), but he's fairly popular, and he seems to have a goofy, morbid sensibility. This book seems to be about the difficulty of working with a collaborator, in this case Jenny Goldberg. It's 48 full-color pages for $5.95 (or is it $8.95? I'm seeing conflicting reports). Might be interesting. More information available here, and I liked the strange, uninformative description of the book here.


Have I mentioned that I like this book? I may have; it's hard to remember. In any case, if you're a fan of Fables, this is a highly entertaining offshoot. This storyline sees Jack go to Las Vegas and get involved in games of chance, with zany results. Good times.


Didn't this come out a few weeks ago? I never saw it, so I didn't even get to decide whether to get it or not. If I see it, I might consider buying it. Also, issues #5 and 6 of the series are supposed to come out this week. Weird.


This series is a lot of fun, but I don't know if I would recommend paying $25 for a hardcover version of it. Maybe there will be some extras or something, but it would probably be better to wait for a cheaper softcover version. It's still pretty good though, with some excellent Darwyn Cooke art and writing.

Red Menace TP

Isn't this that Wildstorm miniseries about Cold War-era superheroes or something? With Adam Brody as one of the writers? I never read it; was it any good?

Cromartie High School Manga Vol 12 TP

This week's manga series that I'm way behind on. In fact, I don't think I've even bought a volume in like two years. I never see it in stores, or I might consider it; if I'm buying manga online, I'll probably go with something like Dragon Head, MPD Psycho, or Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. But someday I'll probably try to get caught up on this one.

Pictures Of You GN

A graphic novel from Alternative Comics, by Damon Hurd and Tatiana Gill. Apparently, it's a prequel to their book A Strange Day, which I haven't read. It looks nice.

Maggots GN
Powr Mastrs Vol 1 GN

I've never read any of these Picturebox books from the wacky Fort Thunder collective, but I always hear raves about how good they are. I dunno, the art doesn't really appeal to me, but I feel like I'm missing out on something here. If I ever see one, I might pick it up, but it's probably the sort of thing you need to special order. Maybe someday I'll get to read one of them and see what all the fuss is about.

And that all. Not too much this week, it seems. That's okay; I just spent more than I probably should have on the new book by my favorite film critic, Vern. I don't even like Steven Seagal, but I read pretty much everything Vern writes, and I wanna support him financially. So there goes some comics money for the month. Whatever; I've got plenty to keep me busy. Stay tuned tonight for more reviews or something (I hope). Maybe I'll even be able to get my scanner working; that would be awesome.

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