Monday, October 8, 2007

Out with the old, in with this week's new

Ah, I couldn't really throw out The Old. I love The Old! Really, The New has a lot to live up to.

External plug time! New reviews up at SBC: I Killed Adolf Hitler (Jason's new, excellent book) and Parade (With Fireworks) #2. The latter is a collaborative review with Martijn Form, which was a lot of fun to do.

New comics this week (Wednesday, 10/10/07):

Runaways #28

The latest issue of Joss Whedon's behind-schedule run on the book. I'm starting to lose interest, Marvel, and I was a big fan of this series. You're losing readers here! Last issue saw some neat time-travel hijinx, so I hope that sort of thing keeps going. I predict that I'll drop the book after issue 30 (I think that's Whedon's last one).

Atomic Robo #1

I think this is the first title from Red 5 Comics, a new publisher that looks to be putting out some interesting stuff. This looks pretty sweet, a "retro-future" story about, well, you can guess by the title. Nice artwork; I will probably buy the first issue if my shop gets it.

Black Summer #3

More violence among murderous, assassination-minded superheroes. I hope it stays good. Or gets better, even!

Brawl #1

Dean Haspiel and Michael Fiffe face off, pitting their Act-I-Vate comics against each other in this "creature romance double feature". It looks to be a really good series, and it's only three issues long, so it should be short and sweet. Here's a preview.

Clockwork Girl #1

Another series with nice-looking art (preview here). This issue is only 99 cents (according to the release list at Midtown Comics), so it should be a good sampler to help me (and others) decide whether it'll be worth reading.

Yearbook Stories 1976-1978

I read a little bit of this in Top Shelf's sampler that they recently put out, and it looks pretty good. It contains two autobiographical stories by Top Shelf's publisher and editor, Chris Staros, with art by Bo Hampton and Rich Tomasso. Only $4.00! Here's the book's page, with an eight-page preview.

Powers vol. 10

I think this collection goes right up through the point when I dropped the book. I might get the next one, but it comes out so irregularly, that might not drop until 2009 or so. It's still a pretty good series (the only Bendis material I'm interested in these days), but I just can't keep the plot in my memory when I'm only getting a chunk of it every five months. Anyway, this one is still worth getting if you're a fan. That's all.

Spider-Man Fantastic Four TPB

Good, old-school superhero comics, and also Mike Wieringo's last work, I think. It's a fun story, so if you enjoy angst-free action; cool, cartoony art; or Jeff Parker's jaunty stories (yeah, check out my alliteration!), read it! Here's my review of the fourth issue.

Absolute Sandman vol. 2

I have many of the issues of the series, but I'm tempted to shell out the bucks for this oversized, super-fancy remastering of the series. It looks pretty awesome. I could get a lot of other comics for $100 though...

Garth Ennis Chronicles of Wormwood TPB

Also a good series, especially if you like sacrilege and Garth Ennis-style gross-out humor. Good times. My review of the final issue of the series can be found here, in the same post as the Spider-Man/Fantastic Four review I already linked to. Redundancy ahoy!

James Sturm’s America HC

Collecting several of Sturm's books: The Revival, Hundreds of Feet Below Daylight, and The Golem's Mighty Swing. I haven't read any of them, but excerpts I've seen look really good, and Sturm is pretty well-regarded. I might have to check it out. Here's the page for the book on publisher Drawn & Quarterly's site, where you can find a preview.

Eating Steve GN

A horror/comedy thing from Slave Labor Graphics, I think. The description sounds interesting: "Jill tried to eat her boyfriend's brain. That's the kind of thing that just kills a relationship, so Jill is left on her own to try to understand what happened. Why was she so overcome with the urge to eat Steve's brain? A move to the countryside means Jill is able to re-assess her life and start anew. It also means that, without the television that was once ever-present in her life, Jill doesn't see the news reports about what seems to be a spreading zombie plague." But it's by J. Marc Schmidt, who did Egg Story, which I heard was good, but I've never read since the simplistic art kind of turned me off. But, hell, it might be worth a look. Here's a preview.

Town Boy TP

Ooh, the new book by Lat! It's a sequel to Kampung Boy, which I really liked. I will have to read it as soon as I can.

Yotsuba Manga Vol 5 TP

This is a series about which I hear nothing but praise. Still, I've never read it. Someday I might get into it, but right now I'm woefully behind the times.

King Of Thorn Vol 2 GN

What? A manga series that I'm actually caught up on?!? Well, that ends as soon as this volume comes out. But I'll probably get it pretty soon, so I can be caught up on something.

Gyo Vol 1 GN 2nd Edition

Last week saw a reissue of Uzumaki, and now here's Gyo. I gotta get these; my shelves long for their creepy weirdness!

Manga Messiah GN

I guess this comes out in the direct market (I've already seen it in bookstores) this week. I don't actually recommend it, but I'll take the opportunity to point to my review (at MangaLife). Yeah, I'm lame that way.

And I think that's everything for the week! Probably not too much money to spend, unless I get some of those manga volumes. Anyway, more review(s) should be up tonight, along with an announcement of sorts about my continued notoriety. Be there!

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