Tuesday, March 6, 2007

UPDATED! Link-a-rooni

It's been a while since I did a link post, so here I go:

Kevin Melrose has an interview (accompanied by some nice art examples) with David Hahn over at Comics, Covered. Hahn is the new artist on Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, starting with the next issue. Also, by reading the interview I found out that he has a book called All Nighter coming out under DC's Minx imprint. Cool!

Speaking of Hahn, this might be common knowledge, but I just discovered that he is part of a studio of comics creators in Portland, Oregon called Mercury Studios. Other members include Jeff Parker, Colleen Coover, Terry Dodson, Pete Woods, and Steve Leiber, among others. Here's their blog, which I'll be adding to the sidebar.

Following links from some of the above people's blogs/sites, I came across this nice online comic by Sara Ryan and Ron Chan. Good art!

Today is Will Eisner's birthday, which is advantageous for me (stay tuned next week to see what I mean!). But, aside from that, check out this (naughty) self-portrait he did (via The Comics Reporter)!

CBR has an interesting interview (with preview) with Christopher Long, the writer of Image's upcoming Ward of the State, which is about foster children who are trained to be assassins.

The Beat has a link to a post on C.B. Cebulski's blog, which I wouldn't normally care about, except that he's talking about a one-shot issue he has coming up called Mystic Arcana. It's about Nico Minoru from Runaways and takes place in the gap between volume 1 and volume 2 of the series. I probably won't read it, since I think Cebulski is not a good writer, but the cover (by Marko Djurdjevic) is nice.

Same Hat! Same Hat! has a manga report from the New York Comic Con, with lots of pictures, including the original covers to the Japanese versions of Dragon Head. Cool! (via The Beat).

Also from Same Hat!, Simpsons-style drawings of the casts of Death Note and My Neighbor Totoro!

Rich Johnston's column this week has some pages from a cancelled Kill Bill comic by Adam Warren. Man, that would have been awesome. More details on Warren's DeviantArt page, which also has details of a Matrix comic that never came to be.

I've seen plenty of other links to this, but what the hey: Star Wars reimagined as a steampunk story set in Victorian times (you might have to scroll down the page a little). Cool!

Via Blog@Newsarama: James Jean's artwork had a "cameo" in The Departed!

And, after checking out James Jean's blog, I recommend this look at his process of drawing an ad for AND1. I love seeing step-by-step stuff like this.

Also from Blog@Newsarama: Evan Dorkin posts layouts from a Metal Men project that DC nixed. Is this the story that was going to be drawn by Mike Allred? Man, I wish it hadn't gotten cancelled.

That's all I could find for the moment. The theme for the post appears to be "cancelled comics". As always with these link posts, I'll update it if I find something else later. Chow!

UPDATE on 3/7: Vern, my favorite film critic, has reviews of Black Snake Moan and Zodiac. I like how he comments on the obsessive nature of the characters in Zodiac, and how certain events like shocking crimes can inspire that sort of obsession. As for Black Snake Moan, I want to offer a response to a criticism that he had. [SPOILER ahead] He thinks Justin Timberlake doesn't really work in his part because his character is supposed to be dangerous. In my opinion, that's not really true; his character is kind of mild-mannered, and he's been a positive influence in Ricci's character's live through his tender nature rather than by dominating and controlling her. He comes off as dangerous when he has a gun, but not because of his forceful personality, but because he HAS A GUN. But I guess it's just a difference of opinion. [end SPOILER] Also, Vern has a guest column on Nerve.com in which he criticises the Razzie Awards. Funny stuff!

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