Friday, March 9, 2007

So it's come to this

That's right, I'm going to the well of standard blog-post ideas to present:

Wacky search terms!

That's the hazard of installing a traffic monitor: you get obsessed with how many hits you get, and you find all the weird Google searches people use to come across your site. So check these out:

tommy pinball wizard pinball halo picture jesus

Well, I searched for it, but I couldn't find an image of Tommy surrounded by a halo of pinballs. Bummer. And I thought about searching for the following images, but I think you'll have to just find them yourself, watch the movie, or use your imagination.

baked beans ann-margaret
ann margret bubbles

Plus, I realized I spelled her name Ann-Margaret in my Tommy review, but it's actually Ann-Margret. Whoops.

american virgin vertigo disappoint

I sure thought it did, but maybe it's gotten better. I doubt it though, and I wish Becky Cloonan would move on to something else.

newuniversal characters resembling real actors

Ooh, I can help you with this one. Look.

okami lockjaw

That's an interesting combination. If there are any artists reading this, I would love to get a picture of Lockjaw as a the wolf from Okami, or maybe Amaterasu as an Inhuman. Maybe I'll even try to make one myself.

miss piggy karate pictures

Ah, now that's hilarious. I wish I had something to show you, but you'll have to find this elsewhere.

mole with tentacles on her nose

Yikes! I think this is the fellow you're looking for. Although why you specified a female, I'm not sure.

okami characters artwork mr orange

Here's a screenshot, but if you're looking for concept art or something, I suggesg Google Image Search.

main conflicts in lady sing the blues the movie

Jeez, I don't know what I would have to do with that. Haven't seen it, and I'm definitely not going to write your term paper about it for you.

police convention heist script

If you want to pay me, I'll write one for you. Let me know.

how do you shovel driveways in bully for ps2

No idea, but I suggest checking GameFAQs.

the departed double meaning

In the title? I dunno, maaan, maybe it means we're, like, all departed from ourselves mentally and shit.

funny technology caveman picture

Well, you could always read B.C., but I don't really recommend it (it sucks). Otherwise, you could read Maintenance, which is awesome. Or let me know if you really want me to draw one or something. But I'm not good at art, so don't expect quality.

real borat street new york chases after him runs away k

I think there's more to that term, but it got cut off. Somebody needs to learn to use a search engine. Sorry, can't help you with this one.

the spider man story

That's pretty vague. You see, this guy got bit by a radioactive spider...with great power comes great responsibility...etc. Let me know if you really want more details, but I'm sure you can find them somewhere.

men's underware

Yes, I do wear it (when I remember). Unless you're talking about some aspect of Chris Ware I'm not aware of.

a fat kid named warren.

Hey, that's just mean! I'm not fat (and my name's not actually Warren)!

hinatas naked pic

All right, that's not cool. I assume you mean the Hinata family (specifically the females) from Sgt. Frog, which is pretty much a kids' comic, you pervert. Although, the pnuematic (I love that term, by the way) Hinata females do end up in fanservice gear regularly, so do you really need to see them sans clothing? There's plenty of other porn out there, animated or otherwise.

Well, that's all for now. I'll try to have some real content up tonight or tomorrow.

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