Sunday, March 11, 2007

Some quick links

Seems like I link to everything he does these days, but here's Vern's review of 300. My favorite line: "One thing that definitely sucks about being a woman in Sparta: it's too god damn cold. You can tell because their nipples are always rock hard. "

CBR has an interview/preview for Wonton Soup, a new graphic novel coming out soon from Oni press. Looks like fun.

Via Journalista!: A two-page strip from 2000AD that's one of Neil Gaiman's earliest comics. Fun!

Also from Journalista!: Some reviews on Bookslut of Project: Romantic and Outlaw Nation. I'd heard Outlaw Nation was pretty good, but this review is quite negative. Plus an interview with Alison Bechdel (author of Fun Home, as if you didn't know).

All right, I'll stop there, but I'll add more if I find them, so stay tuned!

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