Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Damn you, Labor Day, making me wait until Thursday for my precious comics!

Actually, it's not that big of a tragedy. But it's fun to work oneself into a furor over something silly.

New comics this week (THURSDAY, 9/6/07):

Iron Man Enter the Mandarin #1

A new miniseries by Joe Casey and Eric Canete. It looks interesting (although I don't like the "secret history" type of story), but I'll wait for the trade if I get it at all.

She Hulk #21

I was wrong about the last issue. This is the one that supposedly solves any Marvel continuity errors. It's also Dan Slott's last issue on the book before Peter David takes over.

Infinity Inc Vol 2 #1

I probably won't get this, but it's notable because Peter Milligan is writing it. It could be all right, but I'm really not interested in Steel and his daughter (niece?) leading a celebrity superteam. Maybe I'll be proven wrong, but I can always wait for the trade.

Y The Last Man #58

Getting closer to the end, which makes each new issue both exciting and sad.

Boys #10

This might be my last issue of the series; I wasn't very amused by the floor-pooping antics of the previous installment, and since this ends the storyline, I might drop the book and wait for future trades in hopes that it gets better. It's a nice premise, and there have been glimmers of greatness, but I'm just not feeling it right now.

Doktor Sleepless #2

I liked the first issue, for the most part. I'm hoping Ellis starts to show us some twists on his futurescience formula soon, or I might start to wonder what's the point.

Lobster Johnson the Iron Prometheus #1

The latest Hellboy spinoff, I think. It's another maybe for me. It'll probably be fun though.

Lucha Libre #1

A cartoony, possibly toy-based series from Image. I'll probably look at it, at least, but no guarantees.

DMZ vol. 3 Public Works

This is good comics. I recommend.

Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus vol. 2 HC

Who knows if this will actually show this week. I'll definitely get it at some point, but probably from Amazon, or using a gift card or something. Great comics, but slightly too expensive.

The Pro (new Print)

See any comments about The Boys. This is a fun book, with nice art by Amanda Conner, but it's very mean-spirited, and probably what leads everyone to assume that Garth Ennis hates superheroes. I don't actually own a copy, so I suppose I could pick it up. It's only $7.99.

Spider-Man Family Back in Black Digest

This collects the first three issues of Spider-Man Family, a fun anthology book featuring a variety of offbeat Spidey tales. I'll have to see if all of the contents are included, especially the reprints and manga stories. That's a good part of what makes the book so fun.

Punisher Max vol. 8 Widowmaker

One day, I will buy all the various Punisher MAX trades and get caught up in what I always hear is a damn good comic.

Punisher War Journal vol. 1

As for the Matt Fraction-written mainstream Marvel Universe Punisher, I might or might not be interested in getting it. I hear it's fun, but this first volume is a Civil War tie-in, and I'm not as interested in that sort of thing as I once was. But I do like Fraction. Yet another maybe.

Sentences Life of MF Grimm HC

A Vertigo graphic novel, by "underground rap icon Percy Carey". It's supposed to be autobiographical, I guess. Art by Ronald Wimberly, with whom I'm not familiar. A different sort of thing for Vertigo, but I suppose it might be worth checking out.

MPD Psycho vol. 2

I ordered the first volume of this, so I'm finally going to get to read it, just in time to miss the second volume. Looks like this might be another entry in the "manga series I'm not caught up on" club.

Laika HC

From First Second, a comic about the Russian cosmonaut dog. I've heard it's decent, and makes an interesting counterpoint to First in Space, the book about the American monkey astronaut. Someday I might read both of them.

Thorn In The Side GN

I doubt my shop will get this, but it looks interesting. It's a historical book about a World War II French resistance fighter/concentration camp prisoner. I'll have to check it out if I ever see it.

Process Recess 2

The new James Jean art book. I doubt I'll get it, since I already splurged on the Paul Pope art book, but man, it will certainly be tempting.

And that's everything. Probably a not-very-expensive week. As for the blog, I'll probably have a review up tonight, and maybe more tomorrow or whenever. I'm very lackluster today.

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