Monday, September 17, 2007

Hoo boy, this week might get pricey

I'll get to the preview in a second, but first I wanted to point anyone interested to a couple reviews I wrote for Silver Bullet Comics: Drafted #1, Maintenance #5, and Cover Girl #5. I should have a couple more reviews up there and at MangaLife sometime this week. Okay, on with the show:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 9/19/07):

Marvel Comics Presents #1

This was already going to be a tough decision for me, since out of the various stories within, I'm probably only interested in the Stuart Immonen one about Hellcat. With everything else that's coming out, I'll probably skip it.

JLA/Hitman #1

I think I preordered this, and I'm hoping it will be good. I haven't read all of Garth Ennis' Hitman series, but I liked what I read for the most part. Maybe someday DC will collect the series...

Army @ Love #7

I dropped this after last issue in order to wait for trades (the first collection should be coming out soon), but it will be hard to pass up when I see it on the shelf.

Ex Machina #30


Programme #3

I'm getting this one though. I've been enjoying the series so far; we'll see if Milligan can keep it up.

Garth Ennis’ Streets of Glory #1

I had originally preordered this, but I decided to wait for the trade instead after reading some bad reviews of the preview issue. I'll also be able to save a little money if I do get it. Nice!

Gutsville #2

Wow, this took a while to come out. I thought Frazier Irving was supposed to be a fast artist? I loved that first issue, so I'm excited to read this one, and I hope it starts coming out more regularly.

Madman Atomic Comics #4

This also seems slightly late, but I'll wait as long as it takes for more Mike Allred. After last issue's amazing artistic feat, I don't know what's coming next. Allred might be going back to a more grounded type of stories, rather than the metaphysical mind trips of the first few issues of this volume of the series. Whatever he does, I'll be there reading it.

Jungle Girl #0
Jungle Girl #1

Apparently Shanna and Sheena haven't cornered the market on the "scantily-clad girl in leopard-print bikini" market, so here's more along those lines. Enjoy, masturbators!

Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #1

This is another series I could probably wait for the trade on, but it looks so cool, I can't wait. I loved the Free Comic Book Day preview issue, so I hope this lives up to that precedent. Gabriel Ba's art goes a long way with me.

Wasteland #12

Hey, looks like the second collection should be coming out soon, now that the twelfth issue is out. Then I'll be able to get caught up. Good; I like this comic.

Cereal and Pajamas GN

This is an interesting-looking anthology from Ape Entertainment, based on old Saturday-morning cartoons. You can see some preview pages at its ComicSpace page.

Silent War TPB

Speaking of Frazier Irving, he's the reason I preordered this trade (at least, I think I did), so I hope it doesn't disappoint. I heard it ended badly, but that will hopefully be bearable if it contains the kind of art I saw samples of.

Doctor Thirteen Architecture & Morality TPB

And here's another trade I think I preordered. I heard nothing but good things about the story (which involves various mystical characters exploring the metatextual level of the DC universe, I believe) when it was appearing as backups in the miniseries Tales of the Unexpected, and the samples I've seen look great. I hope it doesn't let me down.

Johnny Hiro #2

I really enjoyed the first issue of this series, so I hope this new installment shows up at my shop this week.

Finder Vol 1 Sin Eater 10th Anniversary HC

I always hear about how great Carla Speed McNiel's Finder is, so someday I'll have to try reading it. I doubt I'll start with a special hardcover though.

Andromeda Stories Vol 1 TP

I still haven't ready the second and third volumes of To Terra..., and here's another Keiko Takemiya 70s shojo sci-fi story to buy. Crap.

Shojo Beat Vol 3 #10 Oct 07

As a subscriber, I already received, read, and reviewed this issue. Nyah nyah nyah, newsstand buyers!


I've heard reports of this showing up in bookstores already, but it looks like it's coming out to the direct market this week. I'm definitely planning on picking it up, but I'll probably get it on Amazon to save money. It certainly looks cool, and I've been hearing a lot about it around the comics blogs. Taiyo Matsumoto is a very unique mangaka, venturing away from the typical manga style, and the book seems right up my alley in terms of story. I can't wait to read it.

That looks like everything. Ahh, more money to spend! I usually hint at whatever I'm planning tonight or later this week, but I don't know if I really have much. Oh! Solicits come out this week, so expect a look at those. As for reviews, I'll probably post something or other. How's that for enticing?


  1. Just FYI, Matt, WASTELAND Book 02 will actually collect issues #8-#13. So you still have a couple of months to wait yet ;)

  2. Son of a--! Wait a minute, what about #7? I know that was a one-shot issue with art by Carla Speed McNeil, but is it going to be collected later?

  3. No plans to collect the standalone issues, no. We did say that when #7 was solicited...

  4. Huh, I must have missed that announcement. Looks like I'll have to try to find #7 somewhere...