Monday, September 10, 2007

UPDATED: This week: Comics!

Yeah, yeah, I know that's unoriginal. But I can't think of anything witty, not even at my usual lame level.

New comics this week (Wednesday, 9/12/07):

DMZ #23

While this is one of my favorite series, I dropped it after last issue in order to wait for trades. I don't know if this issue will be included in that trade or not, so I might have to get it eventually, but I'm skipping it for now.

Jack of Fables #14

This will be another contender for waiting for the trade, but I'll wait until this storyline finishes. It's a good one so far, with Jack being stabbed with Excalibur and whatnot. Fun stuff.

Un-Men #2

I didn't get the first issue of this (despite Mike Sterling's insistence), but I heard it wasn't that great. I'll consider picking up the eventual collection if I hear that it improves, but I kind of doubt it.

Action Philosophers #9

The final issue! It seems some people already got this, but I wasn't so lucky. I love this book, so I'll be sorry to see it go. It was fun while it lasted.

Casanova #9

Ooh, exciting! I'm always happy to see this show up, especially now that it's coming out regularly again. I predict time travel and other weirdness.

Cover Girl #5

The final issue of Kevin Church's miniseries (there are other people involved, but I don't "know" them). It's been fun; a good action-movie-style story. I hope it wraps up satisfactorily.

Groo 25th Anniversary Special

Ooh, I've been waiting for this one. I love Groo, so it's cool to see the celebration of a big anniversary like this one. Predictions: frays, cheese dip, mulch, mendicants, "What pirates?", crowd scenes, hidden messages, silly poetry, appearances by lots of recurring characters, cameos by the artists, and plain ol' silliness.

John Woo 7 Brothers vol. 2 #1

I read the first two issues of the first 7 Brothers miniseries and then gave up, but I heard it picked up at the end. I might try to find those other three issues someday, and then maybe I'll read this second volume if I like them. UPDATE: According to Jog, this second volume isn't written by Garth Ennis, but rather Ben Raab and Deric Hughes, with art by Edison George. Well, there goes my interest.

Maintenance #5

This is a fun series, although recent issues haven't reached the comedic heights of the first couple. Here's hoping the series gets back on track with this installment, which continues the story from last issue in which our heroes were shrunk down in order to roust some "Clogoids" from Terromax's sewage system.

Parade With Fireworks #1

This is a two-issue series, a print version of one of the Act-I-Vate webcomics. It's a historical story about World War II Italy, I believe. I'll definitely check it out.

Potter’s Field #1

I think this is a crime miniseries written by Mark Waid, in his new position as editor-in-chief of Boom! Studios. They sent me a review copy, so I might have a review up if I get a chance. UPDATE: Here's my review.

Confessions of a Blabbermouth

The newest Minx title, about a girl who is a blogger. I'll probably check it out sometime, maybe even this week. By the way, I just finished Good As Lily, so expect a review of that one soon.

Hellboy vol. 7 The Troll Witch & Others

This has stories by Richard Corben and P. Craig Russell. I already have the Corben issues, but I might get it for the Russell story. I love me some P. Craig.

Nightly News vol. 1

This was an excellent miniseries, so I highly recommend the collected version. Jonathan Hickman is a major new talent, so you can get in on the ground floor here.

Pet Robots HC

This looks cute; a kids' series about, well, pet robots. Here's a preview. I might check it out if I see it.

And that's everything. A middling week for me; hopefully not too expensive. Check back tonight for a review or two.


  1. " but I heard it wasn't that great."

    You should give it a try. You might dig it!

    I hear the art is pretty good ;)


  2. Sorry, Mike (that's Mike Hawthorne, the artist on Un-Men), I don't mean to dis the book sight unseen. I would have at least looked through the first issue, but my shop ran out before I get there. I'll take a look at #2 if I see it.

  3. Cool. I appreciate you even being willing to give it a try ;)