Monday, June 4, 2007

Girly manga shakeup!

In shocking news (to me, at least), Shojo Beat is drastically changing its manga lineup. I got the story from Journalista!, but Ed Chavez of MangaCast gives the details. Basically, Nana (probably my favorite manga series) is ceasing serialization in Shojo Beat (cue me shouting "Noooooo!"), but it's going to be replaced by Umino Chika's Honey & Clover ("Yeeeesssss!"). I haven't read the H&C manga, but I've watched some of the anime series via fansub, and it's excellent. So it's pretty exciting to see it get published here in addictive monthly format. I guess I'll just have to start buying the digest collections of Nana, once they catch up to what's been serialized.

In other Shojo Beat news, Baby & Me is also ceasing serialization, to be replaced by (deep breath) Haruka naru Toki no Naka de, which appears to be a samurai series or something, judging by the picture in Chavez's post. I have no idea whether that series is any good, but I'm kind of glad to see Baby & Me go.

So it's a shakeup at Shojo Beat, but I hope it's a good one which will keep me subscribing. Hell, I've already got another year paid for, so I'll read this stuff anyway.


  1. Good news for me; I've been reading the collected Nana's, and recently picked up Paradise Kiss, so I am thinking a Shojo Beat subscription might be in order. Dropping Nana is good, since I'd just have to skip it anyway.

    And for the record, I'm also a male, in my 30's. Go figure. At least I can give the issues to my daughter when she's old enough; that's a good justification, right?

  2. Yeah, that's the ticket! According to the latest issue of SB (review coming soon!), there's also a series called Sand Chronicles starting next month; it looks like it could be good. I really need to pick up Paradise Kiss someday; I hear nothing but good things about that book, and considering how much I love Nana, I really should read it.