Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Solicitationary blatherings: Image, September 2007

Huh, even Image seems like it has slightly fewer books of interest to me in September. Or maybe I'm just counting wrong. You can go here for all the info, including some preview pages of a few books. Here's what looks interestin':

Mice Templar #1 - Looks like Mike Oeming was inspired by the success of Mouse Guard, since this series seems awfully similar (although it does appear to add a bit of a magic/fantasy element). I might take a look at it, since I like Oeming. The diamond-shaped heads on all the mice kind of bother me though.

Lucha Libre #1 - I kind of like the look and concept of this book, but apparently it's based on a toy line, so it might just be a lame tie-in. Might be worth a look though.

Parade (With Fireworks) #1 (of 2) - This appears to be about a boy growing up in Italy as it was succumbing to fascism. Could be good.

Suburban Glamour #1 (of 4) - This is written and drawn by Jamie McKelvie, who did the art on Phonogram. It looks nice, judging by the promo ad, and it's an interesting concept, about a woman who interacts with her childhood imaginary friends, who may or may not be real. I might check it out.

Killing Girl #2 (of 5) - Gotta love that Frank Espinosa art. I don't really have anything else to say until the first issue drops.

Special Forces #2 (of 6) - Ditto about this one, although Kyle Baker makes that tasteless cover pretty funny. I'm excited to read this.

Repo #4 (of 5) - And another ditto. But the first issue of this comes out today, so I'll at least have some idea of what to say about the series.

Gutsville #5 (of 6) - I can talk about this one, since I've read the first issue. It was really cool, and I'm expecting it to just get better. I love Frazier Irving's art, and it's a weird, creepy story. Looks like we get some of the Aborigine magic in this issue. I expect great things!

Casanova #9 - And I also expect great things from this book, since it's one of the best comics currently coming out. I could have done without the blurb on the cover, but I guess you gotta attract readers somehow. I can't wait to read this storyline.

Madman Atomic Comics #5 - Looks like The Atomics are getting in on the action, although we might still be in spacey, metaphysical territory, judging by Madman's starry floating head. Go Mike Allred!

Madman and the Atomics volume 1 TPB - I'm not sure what this collects; I assume its six or so issues of the Atomics series, which is some good stuff. Read it if you want some easy background on the current Madman series, since the first issue has a pretty good recap. Although there was already a recap in the current series...but this one is still good, and there's some awesome art in here. And it's not a bad deal for $16.99.

The Nightly News TPB - I've loved this series so far, but the last issue still hasn't come out, so I suppose it could collapse at the end. But it's probably worth picking up anyway; I think Jonathan Hickman is going to go on to greatness.

The Pro TPB - I've read this, but I don't own it. I don't know if I really want to; it's pretty funny, but mostly consists of Garth Ennis making fun of superheroes. But there's some nice art by Amanda Conner, so if you find the idea of a superhero prostitute who defeats a villainess by grabbing her boobs and then peeing on her amusing, check it out. The price is TBA, so who knows how much they want to charge for it.

And I think that's everything for Image, and probably all of this months solicits. If I see one from another company that looks worth a mention, I will, but I doubt it. I'm busy tonight, so probably no reviews until tomorrow, but you never know.


  1. I remember reading or hearing somewhere that Oeming had the idea and was working on Mice Templar, when Mouseguard came out of no where to set the world on fire.

    One of those coincidences if I'm remembering right.

  2. Similar thing happened with us and Phonogram. DC have a new thing coming out called The Vinyl Underground, which sounds like it has some similar ideas. Some people cried foul but the fact is a DC series spends months in development, and would have been in the works at about the same time as Phonogram.

  3. Yeah, I figured it was just a coincidence, but it amused me to point it out.

  4. I also noticed the similarity to Mouse Guard, although the diamond-head mice don't bother me. :^)

    Guttsville is really interesting. How can you not adore Frazer Irving's artwork?? I'm having the hardest time waiting for the TP on this one.

    And Gabriel Bá's covers are absolutely awesome. I'm eagerly awaiting this new run of Casanova, as I like Fabio Moon's work even better than Bá's. Have you seen their Dark Horse anthology, Matt?


  5. James: I haven't read the Moon/Ba book from Dark Horse. It's called De:Tales, right? I really want to get it sometime.

  6. THat's "De:Tales" all right, Matt. It's a collection of short stories they published here in Brazil in various forms (books, mini-comics etc). Some really great stuff, and the artwork's gorgeous (you can tell I'm a fan, right?).

    Take a look at their blog, there loads of artwork there:


  7. If you notice, I've already got a link to Moon and Ba's site on my sidebar. ;-)

  8. Ooooooooo-kay, I'm embarassed now.