Monday, July 30, 2007

"Granny Goodness wants to kill Scott Free!"

As I was hoping, Mister Miracle #2 was pretty awesome, as you can see in today's Fourth World panel:

That's Granny Goodness, making her first appearance, and freaking me out with her combination of referring to herself in the third person, requiring loving devotion from her minions, and acting tender toward her killing machine, Overlord. Plus, she's very devoted to Darkseid:

That's right, this is another issue in which one panel won't suffice to demonstrate the awesomeness. I love the phrase "Wear your pointed helmets proudly where he leads!" And I also have to include this panel of Mister Miracle falling into her trap:

And this awesome page in the chapter's opening sequence:

It's the crazy techno-borders between the panels that does it for me. Sweet.

And as you can see, that's a full-page scan there, so I now have a working scanner. That means I can start to catch up on reviews, so stay tuned!

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