Monday, July 30, 2007

A light week? Really?!

Wow, I might actually save some money this week. Then I might have some to spend at Wizard World...

New comics this week (Wednesday, 8/1/07):

Dark Tower Gunslinger Born #7

Wow, the last couple issues of this series came out close together. I've enjoyed the mini, so I hope it wraps up in a satisfying manner. I'm curious if the collected version will have all the sketches, text pieces, and other extras that the single issues have. That will help me decide whether to wait for the trade on any future Dark Tower miniseries or buy it in singles.

Marvel Tarot

Wow, this is kind of weird. Apparently it's a comic book with some sort of story, but illustrations for each of the major arcana of the tarot deck. I doubt I'll buy it, but it'll be something to look at in the store, I'm sure.

Punisher #50

Man, I really need to try to pick up the collections of these. I dig the Garth Ennis ultraviolence, and I hear nothing but good things about the series.

She Hulk #20

I'm not planning on buying this, but I wanted to note that it's the issue that will supposedly fix any Marvel Universe continuity errors, forever! Knowing Dan Slott, I'm sure he'll come up with a funny solution.

Spider-Man Fantastic Four #4

This miniseries wraps up, and it's been a fun ride so far. Hopefully it will end satisfyingly.

Spider-Man Red Sonja #1

I definitely won't be getting this, but it makes me laugh since I used to have the old issue of Marvel Team-Up where the two characters met, due to Mary Jane being possessed by Red Sonja's sword. That was funny.

Metal Men #1

If I get this, I'll wait for the trade, but it certainly looks like it will be fun.

Faker #2

I missed the first issue of this series, so I'll wait for the trade, but I did read some good reviews, so I'm looking forward to reading it, eventually.

Garth Ennis Chronicles of Wormwood #6

I've really enjoyed this series, so I'm hoping it ends well. Miniseries ending seems to be the theme for this week, doesn't it?

Gutsville #1 (2nd Print)

I'm still waiting for the second issue of this...

Godland Celestial HC

I believe this collects the first 12 issues of the series. Some good comics here. I recommend it, if you haven't read any of the series yet.

Elephantmen vol. 1 HC

I always hear this is a good series, but I haven't read any of it. Maybe I'll check it out when a softcover collection comes out, but the hardcover is a bit more than I want to spend.

Scalped vol. 1

I decided to skip this when it started, but I've heard that it got good after a lackluster first few issues. I suppose I could check it out someday, but not now.

Warren Ellis Crooked Little Vein HC (Novel)

Ellis's first prose novel. I'll have to read it sometime.

Wisdom: Rudiments of Wisdom

This miniseries got a lot of praise, but it's a bit pricey ($21.99 for six issues of material, I believe). I might get it someday if I find it at a discount.

Clockwork Girl #0

This series looks interesting, but this 25-cent preview issue isn't on my shop's list. I'll probably check it out if I see it.

Architect GN

This appears to be a collection of a strip that ran on the Big Head Press website (home of the excellent series La Muse). It's by Mike Baron and Andie Tong. Might be worth a look, if I see it.

Mushishi Vol 2 GN

I thought the first volume of this manga series was okay, but I don't know if I liked it enough to search out this one.

Uptight #2

I really liked the first issue of this series by Jordan Crane. This one isn't on my shop's list, but I'll keep an eye out for it. It's only $2.50.

Whiteout Vol 1 TP Definitive Edition

I still need to read this. I assume this edition is being published to promote the movie version.

Drifting Classroom Vol 7 TP

Man, I thought I was getting caught up on this series (I just finished volume 4), but more volumes keep coming out!

Naoki Urasawas Monster Vol 10 TP

I'm way behind on this one though. One day, I'll catch up (probably long after the final volume comes out).

Naked Artist And Other Comic Book Legends GN

This looks kind of funny. It's a collection of stories about comics creators, written by Bryan Talbot, with illustrations by Hunt Emerson. You can read more information here.

And I think that's everything. Really, even though that's a long list, I think there are only three pamphlets that I'm getting. Cool. As for blog content, I might get my replacement scanner today, so it's possible that I'll have a review or two up tonight! Holy cow! Check back and find out!

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