Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Orion = OMAC

Here's today's Fourth World panel, from New Gods #1:

It seems to be a prototype for the famous double-page spread in OMAC #2 (as seen in this post on the always reliable ISB). Awesome. Reading through the Omnibus, this is definitely the best issue yet (although they've all been awesome), and I'm struck by how crazy it all seems even when I've known about concepts like Mother Box, the Source Wall, the Anti-Life Equation, and Boom Tubes for years now. I can't imagine what it must have been like to pick this up when it first came out. I love the bombastic style of the whole thing, especially the Biblical nature of the story, from the New Genesis/Apokolips duality to a scene in which Orion smashes a pillar, Samson-style. It's truly awesome stuff, and there's so much coolness, I couldn't limit myself to one panel. So here's some more, with Orion and High-Father entering the trippy "chamber of the source":

Orion's discovery of what's been left in charge of Apokolips:

And the revelation of Darkseid's dastardly plan:

God, I love this stuff. Tomorrow: Mister Miracle!

By the way, I'm having issues with my scanner (which should explain the odd nature of some of these scans), so while I hope to have a review up tonight, it might not be complete until I'm able to get a replacement unit. Stupid technology!

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