Monday, July 23, 2007

This week: low on pamphlets, (possibly) high on expensive stuff

That's if the various more expensive books show up. Anyway, on with the look at:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 7/25/07):

Immortal Iron Fist #7
Immortal Iron Fist vol.1 HC

I've dropped this in monthly format, but I do intend to pick up the collections. If I remember correctly, this issue is a one-shot about an Iron Fist of the past, the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay. I expect it will be quite fun, whenever I get to actually read it. As for collected versions, you can pick up the hardcover collection of the first six issues this week for $20, or wait however long it takes for Marvel to put out a softcover version.

Batman #666

Ah, we finally get the "future Batman vs. the devil" issue of Morrison's run. I've been looking forward to this one, so I hope it doesn't disappoint. I'm curious how it will tie into the "black casebook" plot that's been going on. I guess we'll find out.

Black Summer #1

It's a big week for Warren Ellis fans (like me), with this supposed first issue (it's actually the second) of his superhero series.

Doktor Sleepless #1

And then we've got this Transmetropolitan-esque techno-futuristic series, which I'm hoping will be enjoyable.

Warren Ellis’ Crecy

And then this graphic novel about the Battle of Crecy, France, which took place in 1346. Kind of a different sort of thing from Ellis, and I'm hoping it's good.

Hellboy Darkness Calls #4

Another issue of this cool Hellboy series, but if you haven't been following it, it's probably best to wait for the trade.

Speak of the Devil #1

This is the first issue of a four-issue miniseries by Gilbert Hernandez, and it should be good, since he's awesome. I'm excited to read it, but I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to wait for a collection. I'll decide in the store, I guess.

Love & Rockets vol. 2 #20

Speaking of Los Bros Hernandez, here's the latest issue of their long-running series. I'll read it someday, whenever I catch up to what's currently coming out. I have a long way to go...

Tank Girl the Gifting #2

I picked up the first issue of this, and I'm not sure whether I liked it or not. Ashley Wood's art was nice, as always, but the humor and the writing were kind of inexplicable. It doesn't help that it was pretty much the first Tank Girl comic I had ever bought. I'll consider buying this one, but I don't know if I'll keep reading the miniseries or not. That art sure is tempting, though.

Pulphope Art of Paul Pope

And here's the expensive item of the week, if it shows up at my store. It's one I've been waiting for ever since I first heard about it, so I'm pretty excited to get my hands on it.

Postcards True Stories That Never Happened TP

This looks interesting: an anthology of stories inspired by postcards found in thrift stores and the like. Featuring contributors like Harvey Pekar, Michael Gaydos, and Phil Hester, among many others. Might be worth a look, and I really like the cover, which you can see on Amazon.

Dust #1

This is that weird-looking book from Image about an alternate World War II with modern technology, or some crazy shit like that. Here's some info.

Multiple Warheads #1

I don't know if this is coming out this week or not. Midtown Comics has it on their list, but my store doesn't. It's an awesome new quarterly book from Brandon Graham; you can read my early review of the first issue here.

To Terra Vol 3 TP

I still haven't read the second issue of this nice manga series, but I'll get to it someday.

I think that's everything that I found notable. I expect it'll be a fairly cheap week, unless I get the Paul Pope book. But I won't be sorry if I do! As for content here, I should have a review or something up tonight. Watch and see!


  1. I'm particularly interested in what you think of Ellis's Crecy and the postcards book. Hope you do reviews of those once you've read 'em.

  2. Well, I didn't get the Postcards book, but I got Crecy, so I'll review it after I read it. Watch for it!