Friday, July 27, 2007

UPDATED: Solicitationary blatherings: Other companies, October 2007

UPDATE on 7/26: I've added several books that were recently solicited, and I've noted the new ones in each section.

So here's where I talk about stuff from smaller companies that often get overlooked. I'll probably include Dark Horse in this group in the future. I'm sure there are others that could be mentioned (maybe if I read Previews), but here's what I was able to find:


Black Summer #2 (of 7) - I went with the wraparound cover for this issue, because it's pretty cool. Juan Jose Ryp likes to draw lots of details, usually violent ones. I liked the first/zeroth issue of this series, so I hope it continues to be good. Don't let me down, Ellis!

Doktor Sleepless #3 - Speaking of Warren Ellis not letting me down, I also hope this book is good. It looks pretty crazy, with a weird sexy Frankenstein vibe, at least on this cover. I think the first issue comes out next month, so we'll see what's up then.

UPDATE: Well, now I'm confused. I thought the books above were solicited for October, but now Comics Continuum says these are:

Black Summer #3 (of 7 (actually 8)) - See my comments above, although I'll mention that issue #1, which came out this week, was pretty good. I'll have a full review up soon, I hope.

Chronicles of Wormwood TPB - Wow, this is actually coming out in a timely fashion. I've enjoyed this series, but I suppose I could have saved money and waited for the trade. Next time, I guess.

Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Enemy OGN - And we also get a follow-up to the miniseries, although this is illustrated by Rob Steen rather than Jacen Burrows. I'll probably get it too, unless the series ends in a really unsatisfactory manner.

Streets of Glory #1 (of 6) - Hmmm. I've preordered this, but if the collections are going to be coming out so soon after the series finish, I think I might cancel that and wait for the trade. I did read at least one bad review of the preview issue that came out recently, so maybe I should wait anyway in case this turns out to be bad. I do like the idea of a Garth Ennis western though.


The Boys #10 - This "gay superhero-related murder mystery" storyline seems like it will keep plugging along, and I'm sure I'll keep reading. I'm expecting to drop the book and wait for trades at the end of this storyline, which will be #12, I assume.

UPDATE: I'm getting redundant here, but Dynamite has some more solicits that I wasn't aware of:

Bad Boy 10th Anniversary HC - I've never read this Frank Miller/Simon Bisley comic. Does anybody know if it's any good? It's $14.99 for a hardcover, so I assume it's fairly short. I dunno if it'll be worth the price...

The Boys #11 - Well, apparently this issue starts a new four-part storyline, in which the eponymous team travels to Russia. Who knows where the TPB cutoff is going to be. Thus, I don't know if I'll be getting this issue or waiting for the trade.

Eduardo Risso's Tales of Terror TPB - Oh, cool. This reprints eleven stories that have never been translated into English. I hope it's good. Written by Carlos Trillo, who also wrote Borderline, another foreign (Argentinian?) Risso comic that I really need to pick up someday.


Uno Tarino: The Latest Art of Ashley Wood - Wow, I would love to get this (along with all the other Ashley Wood art books), but it's a bit more than I want to spend. It sure looks nice though.

Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons #1 (of 3) - I'll be getting this though. I dug the Zombies vs. Robots miniseries, and this looks like more of the same, with another Wood favorite (sexy girls!) thrown into the mix. Should be fun.

UPDATE: And another one with more books added. I guess I should have waited to do this post.

Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons #2 (of 3) - I dunno, maybe #1 is coming out in September.

Cory Doctorow's Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now #1 (of 6?) - I really like Cory Doctorow's fiction (see his website, where you can download several stories and even full novels for free), so I'm curious to see how these adaptations will turn out. I'm not familiar with the writer or artist (Dara Naraghi and Esteve Polls, respectively). Might be good, might not.

Reptilia - Oh, now this looks cool: a one-shot Kazuo Umezu (Drifting Classroom) horror manga. 320 pages for $14.99, with a new cover by Ashley Wood. I can't wait to read it; I'll have to be sure to preorder.


Maintenance volume 2 TPB - There's no picture for this volume, but I wanted to mention it, because this is a really good, funny series. In fact, I need to review the first collected volume, so keep an eye out for that.

UPDATE: See my comments about Avatar above; I thought Oni already released their solicits for October, but apparently they've added some more:

Local #12 (of 12) - Really? The tenth issue hasn't even come out yet, but maybe the final three are finished and just need to be released. That's cool. It's been a good series; I'm very interested to see how Wood and Kelly wrap it up.

Courtney Crumrin and the Prince of Nowhere - I haven't read any of the Courtney Crumrin books, but I hope to eventually, since I like Ted Naifeh's art style, and I loved Polly and the Pirates. So I'll probably read this eventually.

Wet Moon volume 3 - Have there already been two volumes of this series? I'm interested in checking it out, because I like Ross Campbell's art style. Maybe someday I'll get to this one.

My Inner Bimbo #2 - I never read the first issue of this (mini?)series, but didn't it come out over a year ago? Sam Kieth works slow, I guess. I suppose I can pick up a collection if I hear good things (and it ever gets finished).

Multiple Warheads #2 - Ahhh yeeah, I'll be getting this. The first issue came out this week, and it's awesome. Brandon Graham is a cool dude.

UPDATE: I've added this company, which might be new:

Red 5:

Atomic Robo #1 (of 6) - I probably wouldn't pay much attention to this normally, but I saw a preview of this comic somewhere (Newsarama, maybe?), and it looked really cool. So I'll probably check it out. Red 5 has some other books that might or might not be decent, but this is the only one I chose to mention.

And that's all for now, although I suppose I could update this if I find more information. I hope to have a review or two up tonight, but I don't know if I'll have time. Sorry to keep you in suspense...


  1. Hey, Matt!

    Regarding the Bad Boy book - I bought it when it first came out and it's good for a few laughs - It's pretty much what you'd expect from a post-Sin City Frank Miller/Simon Bisley collaboration. Really over the top, funny misogynistic, testosterone-pouring stuff. I don't think it's worth of the hardcover treatment, maybe you can get the original version cheaper online?


  2. Cool, thanks for the info. I'll keep that in mind if I see it anywhere, or if I ever find a used version of the original. To tell the truth, I would probably get it for Bisley's art, since I'm kind of tiring of Frank Miller, at least in his post-Sin City incarnation.