Monday, May 21, 2007

An expensive week, probably

Lots of new pamphlets that I'll be getting this week:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 5/23/07):

Criminal #6

The start of a new arc, finally. This book is quite good.

Iron Man Hypervelocity #5

This miniseries is awesome. I hope we can read the continuing adventures of bodyless Tony Stark 2.0. Adam Warren says he had hoped to do a sequel to Livewires, but that never happened. I'll keep my hopes up that it will get a sequel someday, along with this series.

newuniversal #6

I don't know if this is then end of an arc, or if it's just a continuing story. I suspect the former, but I would prefer the latter. Isn't Salvador Larroca doing a run on Uncanny X-Men? Does that mean this will get delayed, or will there be a new artist? I would certainly prefer he stay on this book, but whatever.

Spirit #6

Judging by the cover, I think the Spirit beats up on some punks this issue. Good times.

Cover Girl #2

This came out quick. I sort of liked the first issue, but I'm hoping the series gets better now that the girl on the cover has joined the cast. Don't let me down, Church!

Left on Mission #2

This came out even quicker. I'll pick it up and see if I want to continue through to the end of the series. Writer Chip Mosher left some comments here, and he seems pretty passionate about the book, so I would hate to disappoint him.

Godland #18

It's always good to see this come out. Let me try to remember what was going on: I think Adam and his sisters were trapped in the Infinity Tower, and he's probably going to have to fight the monster underneath the Pentagon. And maybe Neela will return to save the day or something. And the Triad is still scheming to blow up the world or something. It should be fun.

Gutsville #1

This is one I've been excited about Simon Spurrier writes and Frazier Irving draws a weird-ass story about a society living in the intestines of a giant monster. Awesomely strange.

Loaded Bible 2 Blood of Christ

I thought Loaded Bible 1 was okay, so I'll be getting this one too. Jesus fought vampires in the first one, but he found out he was actually a clone, so he'll be fighting the church in this one, maybe. Sacreligious good times.

Madman Atomic Comics #2

Ooh, this one will probably be the pick of the week. Allred will probably get into the plot now, and give us some revelations about what the hell is going on. Should be awesome; I love Madman.

Marvel Adventures Iron Man #1

I don't know if I'll get this one. It's written by Fred Van Lente, whom I generally like. But I'm not really a big Iron Man fan, and there's a lot of other stuff to spend money on this week.

Collections of good comics:

Casanova Vol. 1 Luxuria HC - $24.99
Fell Vol. 1 Feral City Ltd. Ed. HC - $24.99
Fell Vol. 1 Feral City SC - $14.99
The Other Side TPB - $12.99
Dr. Strange: The Oath TPB - $13.99

I recommend all of those, and they're all a pretty good deal for the price.

I think that's everything for this week. I'll probably do a thing about solicitations tonight or tomorrow, and continuing through the week as the companies release the info. So watch for that.

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