Thursday, May 24, 2007

Solicitationary Blatherings: Image, August 2007

And we come to the Image section of the main comics publishers' solicitations. Check it:

Special Forces #1 (of 6) - I'm surprised I hadn't heard of this before, but it looks awesome. Kyle Baker doing a satire on fuckups entering the army. Sweet.

Bonds #1 (of 3) - I don't know who Durwin Talon is, but Image has been putting out some pretty decent 3-issue miniseries lately, so this might be worth checking out. It's about a girl cellist whose father is killed, and she discovers magical abilities and gets revenge or something.

Killing Girl #1 (of 5) - Now this looks cool, but mostly just because of Frank Espinosa(Rocketo)'s art. A girl assassin, works for the mob, you know the drill. Looks nice. Here's a sample of some sort. I'm not sure if it's a page from the comic or an ad:

Crimeland - A gangster graphic novel. Ivan Brandon is one of the writers, and I've never read any of his stuff, but he seems somewhat well-regarded. Art by Rafael Albuquerque. Might be worth a look.

Madman volume 1 TPB - Looks like this collects the first couple Madman (mini)series. I already have them, but I'll definitely give them a recommendation. Mike Allred rules. Also: no new issue of Madman Atomic Comics?

Repo #3 (of 5) - Maybe it's the time of the year for it, but I seem to be saying the following sentence a lot lately when discussing solicitations: I think I'll have to wait for the first issue of this series to come out before I can really comment.

PX! - Manny Trembley! I mentioned this the other day, but here's the actual solicitation for it. Looks cool.

The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allen Poo - I also mentioned this the other day, and it might be one to watch for. Strange adventure about Poe's sentient feces, or something.

Glister #1 - A new Andi Watson kid-centric series, about a girl who goes on supernatural adventures. Could be fun, although I'm not sold on Watson (yet).

Gutsville #4 (of 6) - I just picked up the first issue of this today, but I haven't read it yet. It looks cool. Frazier Irving! I'll let you know what I think sometime.

Casanova #8 - It's back! This is highly anticipated, by me and most right-minded comics-lovers. We get to meet the fictional avatar of my buddy Geoff Klock! Ah, hell, I'll just put the whole solicitation here:

An all-new storyline drawn by the stunning Fábio Moon ignites here as CASANOVA returns with the perfect jumping-on point for new readers. What terrible truth lurks inside of Dokkktor Klockhammer’s horror hospital? How much time passes on page 11? Who’s the stone-cold fox behind the stick of that sick assault aircraft from the future? Do all women from the future look like that? We hope so -- because that’s where we’re spending all our tomorrows. Besides, only a girl from the future would dare ask...

CASANOVA Volume 2: We have come from tomorrow to save you from boring.


Hiding in Time #2 (of 4) - I like the concept of this series (time-travel-based witness protection, and the failure thereof), but the cover for the first issue is hideous. This one is a bit better, so I may consider looking inside.

Stray Toasters TPB - Reprinting the Bill Sienkiewicz series. I think I have all the issues (I picked up #1-4 in a sale a while back), but I haven't read them yet. Bill the Sink is pretty cool; I would definitely check this out if I didn't have it already.

Dust #2 (of 2) - I like the concept of this series (an alternate history/sci-fi version of WWII), but the covers really turn me off. Specifically the ass-cleavage on the second cover there. Ugh.

24seven volume 2 - I never read the first volume of this anthology series, but it looked interesting. I guess it takes place in the "universe" of NYC Mech? But the list of contributors on this volume looks hard to pass up: Ashley Wood, Gene Ha, Adam Hughes, Dave Johnson, Frazier Irving, Niko Henrichon, Ben Templesmith, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, and "many more!" Wow. I might have to get it.

Witchblade Takeru Manga #7 - Finally, I wanted to point this one out not because I plan to buy it (I most definitely do not), but to contrast the nice, fairly non-pornographic David Mack cover above with the regular series cover:

That thing just leaves me speechless. Yikes.

Okay, that's enough of that. A surprising amount of stuff to spend money on. We'll see how much I end up spending come August. I have some reviews I wanted to get to, which I'll try to do tonight because I'll be out of town for the weekend (my wife and I are going away on vacation to celebrate our fifth (!) wedding anniversary). So stay tuned, but if I don't post, don't expect anything for a few days.

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