Monday, May 7, 2007

Succinct commentary on upcoming comics

New comics this week (Wednesday, 5/9/2007):

Immortal Iron Fist #5

It's always cool to get a new issue of this series. Should be fun.

Spider-Man/Fantastic Four #2

I really dug the first issue of this mini, so I hope it stays good.

DMZ #19

Part two of the "Friendly Fire" storyline. I love this book, and last issue was great. I dunno who will be doing the art.

Jack of Fables #10

Also tons of fun. Jack versus Lady Luck, or whoever the evil villainess is supposed to be.

Y: The Last Man #56

Man, this book is nearing its conclusion, and I'm still loving it. Yorick and 355 reach Paris this issue, maybe?

Cover Girl #1

This is written by Kevin Church, so I might pick it up. The previews he put up on his forum look nice.

Gamekeeper #2

I wasn't too impressed by the first issue, but I'll consider this one. It might pick up.

Chronicles of Wormwood #3

Ah, more Garth Ennis supernatural, sacreligious craziness. Should be fun, with Jesus and Wormwood going on an afterlife road trip.

Rex Libris #8

This series is a lot of fun, about an immortal librarian who fights supernatural menaces, among other stuff. It comes out rather sporadically, so it's always good to see it show up.

Satan's Sodomy Baby

This is a one-shot story from The Goon. It's a weird one, but Eric Powell's stuff is always funny, so I bet it'll be fun.

First in Space

I've been hearing a lot of good things about this graphic novel, so if my store has it, I might get it. Otherwise, I might have to seek it out in a bookstore or the library. We'll see.

Well, I think that's it, from what I can see. Kind of short commentary this week, but I just didn't have too much to say. Maybe I'll be more verbose after I read the actual comics.

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