Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This week looks like a money-saver

In that there's not much that I expect to buy. But first, some news via Chris Butcher:

That's right, Scott Pilgrim volume 4 is finally coming out! Bryan Lee O'Malley says on his site that it's solicited this month for September. Awesome!

Okay, on to:

New comics this week (Thursday, 5/31/07):

Note that stuff shows up on Thursday this week due to Memorial Day.

Punisher Presents Barracuda #4

I've been enjoying this series. I think it is going to end and set up Punisher #50, or some upcoming storyline. But it's been good and self-contained so far, and I hope it will stay that way. I'll probably end up getting the various Punisher MAX volumes eventually anyway.

Silent War #5

I haven't been reading this series, but I think I might have to get the collection just for Frazier Irving's art. The story might also be okay. After reading Gutsville #1 (review forthcoming), I'm really digging Irving. He's awesome.

Boys #7

Ah, this series returns, under a different publisher (Dynamite). I enjoyed the first six issues, although I recognize that they're not the best thing Ennis or Robertson have done. We'll see how it goes. I'll probably keep reading, unless it gets really bad, which I doubt will happen.

Boys vol. 1

And here's the collection of those first six issues, for those who haven't read it and want to. Like I said, it's not the greatest thing ever, but it's worth checking out if you're an Ennis fan.

Hellboy Darkness Calls #2

The first issue was good, and I'm on board for the rest of the miniseries. Not much else to say.

Shaolin Cowboy #7

Wow, it's always a surprise when a new issue of this series shows up. I love it, but it seems to be on the same schedule as All-Star Batman and Robin. I think the last issue ended with the Cowboy in the bowels of a giant lizard with a city on its back, about to fight a monster lady or something. And there was that cool bit where he cut a shark in half (lengthwise) with his chainsaw-ended bo staff. Who knows what will happen next; part of the best thing about this series is its unpredictability. I expect awesomeness, and I doubt Darrow will disappoint.

Shiny Beasts GN

This isn't on my shop's shipping list, but Midtown Comics lists it. I might have to special order it. Oh yeah, it's a collection of various Rick Veitch strips from the 80's that he did for Epic, I think. I've been anticipating it ever since I heard about it. Should be cool.

And I think that's all. Hey, check back tonight for reviews of last week's comics, I think.

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