Monday, August 27, 2007

An actual light week. Really.

It seems like I often say that some weeks' selection of new comics will be light (for me), but then I end up spending $30 on comics. I'm pretty sure this week will actually be light on spending though.

New comics this week (Wednesday, 8/29/07):

Ex Machina Masquerade Special

I think this one has art by John Paul Leon, which is a bit of a change from the normal art by Tony Harris. I've dropped the series to wait for trades, so I figure I'll wait and hope this gets collected.

Hellboy Darkness Calls #5

Hellboy keeps fighting the immortal guy, and maybe Baba Yaga and/or some other witches or crazy creatures. Should be fun. I've been loving Duncan Fegredo's art on this series.

Local #10

Is this the Austin issue I've been waiting for? I really like this series, but it seemed like it didn't come out for a long time there. It's getting close to the end, so maybe it will come out semi-regularly for the last three issues.

Mice Templar #1

The Michael Avon Oeming series that's not a rip-off of Mouse Guard. Really! In all seriousness, it does look cool, and I'm sure I'll read the first issue, at the very least.

Last Fantastic Four Story

Didn't they already do this, and call it Fantastic Four: The End? I guess if Stan Lee says he wants to write the real last story, they let him. He's joined on this by John Romita, Jr., and I probably won't bother getting it.

Enigma Cipher #2

Didn't the first issue of this come out like a year ago? It does look like an interesting series, so I might read it whenever it's finished and collected.

Punks The Summer Comics Special

I've been interested in this comic since I saw preview art a long time ago. I don't know if my shop will get it, but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it. Here's a preview.

Complete Bite Club

I never read either of these Vertigo miniseries from Howard Chaykin and David Tischman, with art by Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane's David Hahn, but they did always seem interesting. Maybe I'll get this trade sometime.

Looking Glass Wars Hatter M HC

This miniseries looked wierdly cool, with art by Ben Templesmith. Maybe I'll get it someday.

Incredible Change-Bots GN

A Transformers spoof from Jeffrey Brown, published by Top Shelf. It looks cute and kind of funny, but I've never been too big of a fan of Brown's work (heresy!). Jog reviewed it the other day, and it sounds about like I expected. Maybe I'll pick it up from a library someday or something.

Super Spy GN

Another offering from Top Shelf, by Matt Kindt. It looks pretty cool, and Kevin Church gave it a good review a few weeks back. I'll have to pick it up sometime.

And that's it for what catches my eye. I forgot to look for the first issue of Comics Foundry last week, so maybe I'll pick that up too. And maybe I'll have reviews or content or something sometime. We'll see.

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