Tuesday, August 28, 2007

UPDATED with more links! Well, this is good news

CBR reports that Adrian Alphona is going to be providing the art on next year's relaunch of Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane. Terry Moore will be writing, and I thought I might drop the book or wait for a collection, but with Alphona on art, I think I'll have to get it.

If I find other news or links that are worth pointing out, I'll add them here. So watch this space!

UPDATE on 8/28:

Looks like I'll go ahead and turn this into a good old-fashioned link post.

It seems the most recent issue of Birds of Prey has inspired talk of what Pokemon creatures would look like if they had been created by Jack Kirby. This forum has a discussion, and artist Eric Lofgren drew an awesome example of a possible Kirby Pikachu:

That's pretty sweet. There's more at the link, and maybe more to come.

Same Hat! Same Hat! has another crazy-ass story by Shintaro Kago. Wow, that's some wild stuff.

Eh, I'll probably add more links later, if I feel like it.

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