Monday, August 13, 2007

The week in which I have no money left to spend

Or very little, at least, after the convention over the weekend. Anyway, here's what looks interesting this week:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 8/15/07):

Spider-Man Family #4

This issue has a Jeff Parker/Leonard Kirk story in which Spidey meets the Agents of Atlas, so I might have to get it. Crap.

Super-Villain Team-Up Modok’s 11 #2

I missed the first issue of this, so I'll end up getting the trade. Unless it turns out to be not very good. But I'm hoping it could be some good fun.

Army @ Love #6

This should be good. I'm not sure, but I might end up dropping the book after this issue and switching to trades. It's a fun book though, and I have trouble figuring out what to say for each issue, since it's always good.

Programme #2

The Peter Milligan/C.P. Smith series continues. I liked the first issue quite a bit, so I expect it will continue to deliver.

Killing Girl #1

The first issue of the new miniseries about a spy girl (or maybe she's a hit(wo)man, I'm not sure) illustrated by Frank Espinosa (Rocketo). I'm getting it for the art, but I hope the story is good too.

Maintenance #4

I never saw the third issue of this on shelves, but Oni sent me the collection of the first three issues, and it's awesome. I really need to write a review of that sometime. So I'll probably pick this up if I see it.

Good As Lily

The latest Minx book, by Derek Kirk Kim and Jesse Hamm. The story concerns a teenage girl who meets versions of herself as a toddler, adult woman, and old lady, and then has to live with them or something. I've read one or two advance reviews, and they say it's quite good. It was one I wasn't sure about, but I'll probably end up getting it.

newuniversal vol. 1 HC

This collects the first six issues of the Warren Ellis/Salvador Larroca series, which I've been enjoying. It's some interesting superhero worldbuilding, with a lot of the hard SF that Ellis is good at. It's kind of slow-moving though, so be forewarned. Actually, I don't know if it's worth the price of a hardcover; if I hadn't read it already, I would probably wait for a trade paperback.

Dogs And Water HC

A hardcover version of the Anders Nilsen book (you can see a preview at that link). I really like his art, so I'll have to get this sometime, although I would probably prefer a cheaper softcover version.

Chance In Hell HC

A new graphic novel by Gilbert Hernandez, which sounds really good. I'll have to pick it up when I see it, or order it from Amazon.

Yesterdays Tomorrows GN

A collection of comics by Rian Hughes, a British artist. The most famous one is probably the Dan Dare story written by Grant Morrison, but apparently there's lots of other stuff. Might be worth checking out, but it's a bit spendy at $47.50.

Narcoleptic Sunday GN

An interesting-sounding crime/suspense story by Jeremy Haun and Brian Koschak, published by Oni Press. Here's the official page, with a preview.

And that's everything for the week. Depending on which of the GNs I get, it shouldn't be too expensive, so I'll be able to get caught up on the stuff I bought at Wizard World. I might get to a review tonight, but no promises.

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