Monday, August 6, 2007

This week: Casanova!

That's the big book for me this week. But there are others, so let's take a look:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 8/8/07):

Criminal #8

This has been a really good book, and I'm digging this storyline quite a bit. Probably more heist action this issue.

Dark Tower Gunslinger Guidebook

I probably won't bother with this, but it might be interesting to get some more background on the series.

Powers #25

I dropped this series after having trouble keeping up with the plot due to the erratic release schedule. I figure I can start following it in trades, if I even feel like it anymore.

Batman #667

Wow, this came out quick. I guess that last issue was delayed. Here we go, with the awesome J.H. Williams III art!

DMZ #22

The finale of the "Friendly Fire" storyline, which has been a doozy. I love this book, although I might end up dropping it after this issue to switch to trades.

Jack of Fables #13

Hey, another cool book from Vertigo. This one is almost always hilarious, and this issue will probably be no different. It's another one that I'll probably switch to trades on though, especially since the rumors are that it will start to tie into Fables more closely, and I'm already waiting for the trade on that series.

Un-Men #1

This series looks like it might be kind of interesting. It's a sort of spinoff of Swamp Thing, starring the titular bunch of freaks. Written by John Whalen, with whom I'm not familiar, with art by Mike Hawthorne, whose books I've seen around even if I don't think I've actually read any of them.

Boys #9

More superhero sexual antics, I expect, and maybe we'll get some violence this issue. We'll see.

Casanova #8

I've been waiting impatiently for this series to return, so I hope it doesn't let me down. For this arc (the next seven issues, I think), Fabio Moon takes over art duties from his twin brother Gabriel Ba. I'm interested to see how the change in art style works for the book. Plus, we get to see the debut of the awesome (in name, at the very least) new villain Dokkktor Klockhammer, named after my pal Geoff Klock!

Cover Girl #4

Kevin Church's series gets one issue closer to wrapping up. It's been a fun ride so far, so I hope it doesn't get lame at the end or anything. Keep it cool, Churchy!

Glister #1

This is a series for kids from Image, by Andi Watson. I'm kind of interested, but I don't know if I'll get it for sure.

100 Bullets vol. 11

Oh, here's another reason to get excited. I always love to get caught up on this series whenever a new volume comes out. Maybe I'll try to update my character chart when I'm done reading it.

Black Metal vol. 1
Last Call Vol 1 GN

I reviewed both of these books a couple of weeks ago, so you can read those reviews for my full thoughts, but I will say that Rick Spears' and Chuck BB's Black Metal is okay if not great, but Vasilis Lolos' The Last Call is awesome and should not be missed.

Notes for a War Story

This is the new book by Gipi, and since I liked his Garage Band so much, I'll definitely try to read this one.

Vault of Michael Allred HC

I dug the single issues of this series, but it's definitely pretty much just for Allred fans, especially obsessive ones like me who will read the tiny print of all the articles ever printed about him. Lots of cool art from the entirety of his career though, and I'm sure the book makes a nice-looking package.

Life After Black Barron Storey The Journals HC

I think the only Barron Storey comic I've ever read was the one in Sandman: Endless Nights. Apparently, he's big in Europe, and an inspiration to artists like Dave McKean and Bill Sienkiewicz. I would certainly like to check out more of his stuff, but I don't think I'm going to spend $49 to do so. Here's more information, if you're interested.

And it looks like that's everything I care about. It's a middling week in terms of expense, mostly due to the 100 Bullets trade. Stay tuned tonight for more reviews!

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